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What Is The 5 Best WordPress Page Builder In 2020

What Is The 5 Best WordPress Page Builder In 2020?

Do you think it to be complicated to build an awesome website? You may have heard that WordPress has simplified the web development process. You do not need coding knowledge for WordPress website development. Still, while dealing with WordPress, you have to apply lots of efforts to develop a perfect website based on your needs. Herein lies the importance of WordPress web page builders. You can now save money, as you may avoid hiring programmers and developers. Now, the question is, What is a WordPress page builder?

This page builder is one of the specialized tools, enabling you to arrange its pre-built elements to create a unique website. You only need to insert those elements into your web pages, adjust their positions, and check out the finalized look of your site.

The term, page builder, encompasses a number of tools helping you to develop a unique and fresh website. The most notable thing is that you can simply drag and drop the pre-built elements. You will find several options for a fully customized website.

For instance, with the click on some buttons, you can add a contact form and place it properly in your website. Thus, personalize the website in any way you desire and find the best functionality of your site.

You don’t need to have programming and coding skills for developing your WordPress website pages. Now, let us have a look at what you can do with your page builder.

  • Without technical knowledge about web development, you can easily design your custom web pages.
  • The page builder lets you customize intricate features and elements.
  • You can use the tool to position different elements on the website.
  • The best page building tools enable you to have a preview of your website. Before making your website accessible to others, you can ensure perfection in its look.

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5. Beaver Builder

beaver wordpress page builder

Beaver Builder is one of the popular page builders used for millions of WordPress sites. You can apply your creativity to edit your website design. Beaver Builder includes the best framework theme and page builder plugin for WordPress users. Drag and drop different elements to make professional standard web pages.

The page builder, Beaver Builder has focused on your workflow. Templates and modules are reusable elements, and thus, you can save your time to build websites. When you have created a section of a page, you may reuse it at any place. Use the right tools of Beaver Builder to make pages very fast.

Lots of freelancers have found Beaver Builder to be a good choice. However, other professionals may also use to make an enterprise-standard website. With most of the themes, Beaver Builder is a highly compatible option. Moreover, it is designed with SEO-friendly codes to add more values to your site. When you are a responsive theme, templates designed with this page builder will become responsive.

Like other website builders, Beaver Builder provides you with several add-ons. You can raise the functionality of your website with more than 45 modules and beautiful page templates. The original Beaver Builder plugin is available in a lighter version, Beaver Builder – Lite. You can find it in the free WordPress repository. The lighter version enables you to deal with some of the custom modules.

Why is Beaver Builder recommendable?

The Gutenberg-ready plugin, Beaver Builder helps you in creating a responsive website design. You may avail it as both premium and free plugin. To create landing pages of your site, you can install its beginner-friendly free version from

beaver wordpress page builder price

Pricing – You may try out Free version form the beginning. Pricing starts at Standard Ver. $99 / Pro Ver. $199 / Agency Ver. $399 then you can build unlimited websites and other features.

4. Themify Builder

themify builder

Themify Builder is a free-to-use, reliable, and user-friendly WordPress website builder. You may use it to create simple, uncomplicated pages.

From the frontend and backend of your website, you can edit pages with Themify Builder. While the frontend edit mode helps you with a design preview, backend interface enables you to deals with modules.

Modules are easily adjustable and customizable based on your preference. This intuitive web page designer lets you create your WordPress site without programming knowledge. You may design your website in any way. At every step, you can have a preview of your site to have the ideal of the overall design.

Themify Builder has included more than 40 professional designs, and the list is growing to attract more users. It lets you import any layout and replace images and other elements. The page builder relies on the WordPress editor to deal with text formatting, shortcodes, and HTML.

Themify Builder is designed based on WordPress standards, and it works with plugins, which those standards. It is also compatible with almost any theme. Thus, try out this free website builder and create your web pages very fast.

Although Themify Builder has several modules, you may need something more. That is why Themify Builder provides you with add-ons. You can install those add-ons to make your website functional. For instance, you may design attractive sliders with animation and transition effects. You can integrate Themify tiles for Windows 8 Metro layouts. Image Pro is another add-on to make your website beautiful with image overlay, image filters, and animations.

Themify Builder has also a cache system reducing server resources. You can process your webpages very fast.

Why is Themify Builder recommendable?

With a bundle of add-ons at a reasonable price rate, Themify Builder is one of the best options for you. This modular-based page builder plugin ensures superb performance of your website.

themify builder price

Pricing – You may use Themify Builder for Free and it’s packages starts at $59 / $89 / $249 will unlock more features.

3. Visual Composer

visual composer

From different reviews of page builders for WordPress, we have found the name, Visual Composer. Both professional developers and beginners can use this tool to save time for WordPress website development. With lots of design options, you will have a full control of your website and customize the platform in your own way.

Visual Composer enables you to create an attractive background by including videos, carousel, gradient, and parallax. Columns and rows are adjustable to make grid layouts. You may also edit menus, logo, headers, sidebars, and footers.

You can choose any WordPress theme for website development. Visual Composer is compatible with it.

The user-friendly WordPress website editor is integrated with premium elements, blocks, and templates.  By having a Premium license, you will have benefits from the Visual Composer Hub. Content elements are downloadable without any additional investment. Now, you have a chance to download several compatibility elements, content blocks, and lots of other things.

You know that images are one of the parts of a website. Visual Composer gives you an access to Stock Images. You can seamlessly integrate Unsplash stock photo library. Thus, it is easy to download quality images to WordPress Media Library.

Visual Composer also presents you with popup building tools. You may have seen popups in different websites. You can custom design your popup with these tools. Make your ads more attractive and find more leads in your website. However, do not include several popups to avoid annoyance.

The popup builder is accessible to you with the Premium subscription.

Why is Visual Composer recommendable?

Overall, we can say that Visual Composer is a perfectly designed webpage builder for WordPress.  With plugins and different elements, you can tailor the look of your website. Use different tools of Visual Composer API to edit your WordPress website.

visual composer price

Pricing – You may startup with Free version. With Single Website $49/year,  With 3 Website $99/year, With Developers $349/year. Just depend on your need to choose the package. Recommend on the Single Website Version for beginners.

2. Divi Builder

divi builder

As one of the powerful and feature-rich WordPress web page builders, Divi Builder comes with WYSIWYG editor. Build your website and preview it instantly before it goes live. With the use of Divi Builder plugins, everything is customizable. For instance, you can modify colors, fonts, spacing, and sizing. Thus, you can ensure uniqueness to your web design.

There are more than 40 versatile easy-to-use, versatile content elements useful for developing a beautiful web page. Organize your website elements in any way with a few clicks. The unlimited varieties of layouts and advanced controls have made Divi Builder one of the acceptable choices.

When you have already chosen a theme for your WordPress website, you can simply install the page builder. You will have values from Divi Theme without using codes. The original functionality of your theme will not be hampered. While there is a feature integrated into your theme files, it is easy to adjust the design without affecting it.

What’s more, you can edit, remove, and insert content blocks. Create a highly responsive website design and place the content in the desired way. Divi Builder Modules are similar to content blocks, and they help you in creating different layouts. Without web development and design skills, you can manage the drag-and-drop UI of Divi Builder.

There are over 20 pre-designed layout templates with Divi Builder plugin. Choose one of the best plugins and start designing your website. Although this plugin is the basis of Divi WordPress theme, you may use it with other themes.

Why is Divi Builder recommendable?

Divi is not only a page builder but also a web design tool. You can manage your custom designs and save them. Those elements are also re-usable for building new pages. Divi enables you to use a range of elements to create your website.

divi builder price

Pricing – At $89/ year, you will get yearly access, and at $249/ year, you will have lifetime access.

1. Elementor – Top Recommend

elementor page builder

Elementor is one of the free, open-source WordPress web page builders. The drag-and-drop website builder helps you with the fastest development of web pages. You can use its user-friendly features to edit pages instantly. Thus, Elementor has simplified the frontend website development, and you can start your online business instantly after creating your site.

More than 5,000,000 professionals have chosen Elementor to build websites. The high-speed performance and intuitive features will add fun to your web development process.

What’s more, Elementor comes with a big template library. You will have easy access to impressive WordPress templates created by certified designs. Choose any of those templates and move it to your website using the page builder, Elementor.

Use Elementor to make stunning and attractive landing pages, create a blogging platform, and personalize your online store. As you are developing your WordPress website with Elementor, you will get customers from both desktop and mobile platforms. This page builder helps you in creating the most responsive design for your site.

Elementor users have found values from the following cool features

  • Maintenance mode

When the internet connectivity is not accessible to you, Elementor enables you to maintain your website offline. This page building system includes a maintenance mode for website owners.

  • Canvas

It is one of the notable features to build a unique landing page of your site without using footer and header. Elementor ensures a high conversion rate, as you use Canvas for the page design.

  • Integration with Zapier

 Zapier integration is one of the best features of Elementor because you can easily integrate third-party applications into your website.

When you have built your website with the WordPress builder, you can minimize your marketing efforts. It will be easier for you to drive more traffic, attract more leads, and increase conversions.

Why is Elementor recommendable?

Elementor is best for novices, as it has an easily comprehensible interface. This plugin helps you in crafting impressive pages. Small businesses owners and startups may choose the Lite version of Elementor.

elementor page builder price

Pricing – You may use Free version. There are few packages, $49/year for 1 site, $99/year for 3 sites, $199/year for 1000 sites. But if you are beginner and want to try out more features and templates, i recommend you can upgrade to Pro version start at $49.

Final Thought

Now, you may have started analyzing features of different WordPress page builders. As i have included Elementor in the top of my list, it is surely the most popular and recommended choice. Graphic designers can choose Divi to build their websites, as this page builder has several visual controls. However, another reliable web builder is SiteRubix, the platform created by Wealthy Affiliate. You will find lots of integrated tools for website management, analysis, and security. WA lets you create a free website without banner ads. Thus, you may try out free versions of different page builders and make your decision.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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  1. Hey,

    Great article on the different WordPress page builders. I have used Divi before and as you say they do have more features than just a WP page builder, as many do. I will be building more WP sites in the future so I am going to try out your highly recommended one Elementor. It has many features and doesn’t seem to be too pricey either.

    I will let you know how I get on with it and give my own review of it when I have been using it for a while.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

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  2. What a very comprehensive article on the various WordPress themes available.
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  3. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! A website’s theme is crucially important to its’ success-a bright, colorful, niche-relevant, professional looking website automatically boosts its’ owner’s credibility. I have visited websites with no theme whatsoever (I couldn’t tell what kind of site it was, what niche it was focused on, what I was supposed to be looking for, etc.), and it left me feeling lost, confused, and like an unwelcome guest (that will definitely increase one’s bounce rate). All of the plugins that you mentioned are excellent for creating high quality, memorable themes-it will just be a matter of time before the traffic and sales start rolling in! Great read! God bless you!

  4. What a detailed post Tom!
    You are indeed very knowledgeable in this area and it is evident that you have done a lot of research for your readers. I use Elementor and can see that it is in the top of your list 🙂 I absolutely love it but recently, I have noticed that my “publish or update” button is not working. I intend making contact with Elementor customer services tomorrow. However, any tips on how to resolve this will be useful.

  5. Great article with really good comparisons. I was not even familiar with the page builders
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    Thank you for the education.

  6. Hi Samuel,

    This is a much needed article for me! As a digital marketer, I was mainly on Shopify and Wix. WordPress was a different ballgame and I’m learning as I go. Thank god for these builders. Now I can play around and expand my expertise.

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