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Divi Builder Review – The Best WordPress Page Builder 2020?

Divi Builder Review – The Best WordPress Page Builder 2020?

Do you think of cutting your time for developing an awesome website? Code-free page building trends are nothing new to us. However, to choose the best page builder, we always need to analyze its features in detail. Here, i’m going to write an honest review of Divi Builder.

Known as one of the WordPress plugins, Divi is a drag-and-drop page builder intended to design responsive website in a matter of minutes. When you have found weak spots of WordPress, you can successfully fill the gap with Divi Builder. Without any knowledge of building a website, you can use Divi Builder to design the platform. It also helps you to insert rich media (images, videos, tables, and forms) into the content.

I will present you with details of different Divi Builder features, and you will learn why lots of website owners have chosen this tool.

Divi Builder Review Summary

Product Name : Divi Builder
Owner : Elegant Themes
Product Type : WordPress page builder
Price : Yearly membership $89, Lifetime membership $249 (No free trial)
Best For : Online business owners and web designers
Overall Rating : 97/100
Recommend : Yes

Summary : Divi Builder is a webpage builder with lots of pre-designed website layouts, templates, and content modules. It helps in creating secure and intuitive website for your visitors.

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Why Should You Choose Divi Builder As An Alternative Of WordPress Editor?

In 2018, we found the release of the new WordPress version 5.0. It is one of the significant initiatives of WordPress, as it introduces Gutenberg, a drag-and-drop block editor, to replace WYSIWYG editor.

While using this new package, you will wonder – Why should I invest in an alternative page builder, Divi? You may fall in love with the minimalism and simplicity of Gutenberg. However, it is only a basic option with a few customization opportunities and lots of restrictions.

Conversely, Divi provides you with several potentials. You may use its features to create simple blogs and complicated sites. Thus, you will find a difference in your page building approach.

Who Has Created Divi Builder?

Elegant Themes

An American organization, Elegant Themes, was originally a seller of premium WordPress Themes. However, in 2015, they launched the standalone page builder, Divi. They have introduced WordPress Theme – Divi and enabled you to integrate it into your Divi page builder. With this tool, you can create a perfect page layout to develop the website.

In fact, the Divi Theme is the best choice not only for non-coders but also for skillful developers. Professional developers can save their valuable time by availing the most useful drag-and-drop features.

With any of your chosen WordPress themes, you can use Divi Builder. This functionality was previously available only for the Divi WordPress theme users. We have found continuous developments and refinements of the plugin. It is better to look for regular updates published by Elegant Themes. You will learn about bug solutions, new functionalities, and other tweaks.

Design Any Type Of Website Using Divi Builder

divi builder layouts

When you have paid for Elegant Themes membership, Divi presents you with two flavors – Divi Builder (plugin) and Divi Theme.

Divi is one of the themes released by Elegant Themes, and with any of those themes, you will get a page-building tool, Divi Builder.

When you desire a WordPress theme with several customizations, you may prefer Divi Theme. However, while you look for other themes and need a page builder plugin, you can rely on Divi Builder. The default editor of Divi Builder enables you to add modules, elements, rows, and columns.

You can duplicate and remove modules at any time. There is also color coding and clear labeling on the module. It proves that Divi is best for beginners, who know nothing about the website design process.

Add a new section and new modules with only a few clicks on a button. Divi’s Default Editor gives you a view of your website architecture. However, when you choose the theme editor, it is slightly more visual.

Visual Editor – Edit Your Content With Clicks

Divi Builder works as a Visual Builder, helping you create a beautiful frontend design of your site. Although Divi Builder was originally a backend page builder, it is now a reliable frontend editor.

One of the demerits of backend editing is that you cannot view the look of your web design until you choose the frontend version. Thus, with the latest Divi Builder version, you can directly work on the frontend part of your site. It will be easy to make out the feeling of your visitors from visiting your website. Obviously, you may save time, as you do not need to switch from backend to frontend. Simply click on the desired page elements and then start editing them.

However, there are some advantages with the backend version. You may find out the way how you have constructed the page, used modules, and organized them.

Interestingly, Divi Builder has another mode available for you. It is Wireframe Mode, intended to hide content of your modules. Your page structure will turn out to be highly prominent.

By using wireframe mode, you will have an overview of the page design and modules chosen by you. Then, you may drag around the essential elements and modify the design without affecting the content of your modules.

With the use of two different modes, Divi enables you to work in the desired way.

The interface of Divi presents you with several other features. You may undo and redo anything that you have done in your editor. Moreover, you can check out the mobile-friendliness of your website. Zoom in and zoom out the webpage to have a full view of your website.

Superb Content Modules And Templates

divi builder modules

Divi Builder has a collection of over 30 easily adjustable content modules. Now, the question is – Do they come to your help?

From the content module library, i have found that the most popular ones are CTA buttons, email opt-in forms, countdown timers, maps, testimonials, pricing tables, countdown timers, and video sliders.

By installing Divi Builder on the website, you can replace several other commercial and free plugins. You can easily minimize the load on the site.

Most of the available modules have variations, and you do not need to stick one configuration. Based on your vision and website design, you may customize them. 

Role Editor – A Unique Feature Of Divi

divi builder role editor

Divi Builder has launched its special feature, role editor. It helps you in controlling the type of users who will access elements of your page builder. For instance, when you have a blog section, you may have co-authors. You do not want those co-authors to create a custom design for their blog posts. In this case, you will find value from the feature.

However, your co-authors will get a chance to use some of the modules, including images and full-width headers. By using the role editor, everything becomes controllable.

As one of the professional web developers, you may think that your clients will break custom designs created by Divi. To avoid this issue, the Role Editor feature comes to your help.

A/B Testing Tool With Divi Builder

divi builder split test

Will your website perform best? This is the biggest question of a website owner. Professional programmers go through different performance tests with their technical skills.

With Divi, you have enjoyed the freedom to control your WordPress site in your own way. Truly, it may be hard to identify how your customizations have affected your website.

While designing the site, you can think that your attractive color scheme and custom design will impress your website visitors. When you anticipate a higher conversion rate, your visitors can show negative reactions.

Divi Builder can grab people attention with its unique feature that tests the effectiveness of your website designs. Use the Divi A/B testing tool to try out variations in design and content. You can find one that ensures the highest conversion rate.

The split-testing tool makes sure that your custom design is not only stunning but also fits best for your business purpose. We have not found this feature in most of the WordPress themes. Click on Divi Leads and know the best page version for your target audience.

At first, choose the element to be tested with the tool. For instance, one of the elements of your page is a button. You need to create another version of this element.

The testing tool will reveal those versions to two different segments of your website visitors. You can set a goal for this split test (number of visitors on a page/ number of clicks on a link). While the test has started collecting data, you can identify the most profitable version of the page element.

However, Divi Leads does not restrict you only to two versions of the element. It helps you in testing multiple versions for content optimization. You may also conduct more than one A/B tests at a time.

Divi Helping You To Build eCommerce Site

divi builder shop

It is distressing to find that the chosen themes cannot be integrated with eCommerce platforms. This type of theme makes your digital store look unprofessional.

You will not have this problem with Divi, as it helps you in integrating WooCommerce seamlessly. Combine WooCommerce plugin with a Divi online store design to start your eCommerce business platform. However, it does not limit your use of Divi theme for different website sections. To sell products online, you can include anything, ranging from shopping cart page to checkout page. There are pre-built page layouts with Divi shop modules to let you organize products into different categories.

Moreover, Divi supports 32 languages, and these translations are viewable in both frontend and backend of your site. As it is compatible with WPML, you may design multilingual websites.

Pricing Options For Divi Users

divi builder price

So, for my opinion Divi is one of the affordable webpage builder available for you. We have also reviewed other best-selling options. Compared to them, Divi is a cheaper solution.

When you are using Divi for your WordPress website, you have two pricing options.

Yearly subscription costs $89 – It enables you to use Divi and other products of Elegant Themes, including Bloom, Monarch, and Extra WordPress Theme.

Lifetime subscription costs $249 – This one-time investment helps you in using Divi with other Elegant Themes products on your websites.

At any time, you may upgrade your package or cancel the membership. What’s more, the 30-day money back guarantee gives confidence to the new users. When you are not pleased with Divi WordPress page builder, you will get refund.

Pros & Cons Of Divi Builder

Final Thought

From my detailed review, you have understood that Divi is one of the powerful WordPress website builders. This page builder provides you with several editable templates. You may not raise a question on its user-friendliness. The pre-built templates also look good and you can deploy them very fast. However, you may also try out other alternatives, like SiteRubix, a website builder created by Wealth Affiliate Founders. This page is also a feature-rich option for you. I think that the smartest and the best way is to compare different page builders before choosing one that really suit you.


The Divi theme indicates simply the WordPress theme. Conversely, Divi Builder works as a plugin for visual page building purpose, and it is usable with any WordPress theme.

The new Divi 4.0 combines both of them. You will find a plugin and theme in a single framework.

No, you haven’t any free option. You need to visit the site of Elegant Themes to buy a valid license.

Divi has employed innovative design techniques to ensure fast-loading, mobile-friendly WordPress sites. ElegantThemes has also refined the Divi codebase in 2019 to increase the speed of loading webpages.

Divi designed by following the latest WordPress and SEO standards. Moreover, you will find integrated SEO features that are useful when you have not chosen Yoast and other third-party SEO plugins.

Divi logo is present at the top section of your webpages. From your WordPress dashboard, you have to go to Divi and hit Theme Options. Then, find the General tab from the General menu and click on Logo.

There is an upload button to let you insert the custom logo from your device.

Elegant Themes has a team to communicate with you using the live chat system. You may also use contact forms to send your questions to the team.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed review topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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