Elementor Page Builder Review – Does It Really The World Leading Page Builder In 2020?

Elementor Review Summary

Product Name : Elementor
Website : https://elementor.com/
Product Type : WordPress Page Builder
Price : Free and Pro (Personal $49, Plus $99, Expert $199)
Best For : Bloggers, Freelancers, Web designers and Internet marketers
Overall Rating : 90/100
Recommend : Yes

Summary : Elementor is one of the easy-to-use web page builders with several free and premium features. Premium packages are available at a reasonable price to help you in creating professional standard websites.


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Do you think of building your WordPress web pages without engaging a developer? Then, a drag-and-drop Elementor page builder is the right tool to enjoy code-free editing. Now, you may feel skeptical while choosing the webpage builder. Surely, it’s too time-consuming to sign up for different page builders and check out their suitability for your purpose. Let us help you make a decision with our detailed review of the visual page builder, Elementor. As it is released in 2016, you may have considered it to be a newcomer in the world of WordPress page builders.

However, never overlook it, because Elementor has seen fastest-growing popularity in the past few years. More than 4 million installs prove the reliability of the page builder.

What Is Elementor Page Builder?

Elementor page builder presents you with a drag-and-drop user interface for developing a WordPress website. It is much similar to what you have found in the web builders, like Squarespace and Wix.

Although there are pre-designed templates available with Elementor Page Builder, you can create a unique feature-rich page by using different elements.

As you have installed Elementor, you will have a control of your site in different ways.

  • Create your web pages of layout, style, and functionality. You do not need to stick to your present WordPress themes.
  • While retaining the current theme of your website, Elementor lets you work on other WordPress themes. However, make sure that you are using WordPress version 5 or higher.
  • There is a separate editor to develop webpages, and you do not need to use the native interface of WordPress.
  • You will get a chance to do frontend editing of your web pages. Thus, you will have a view of your site from the visitors’ perspectives. You may avoid saving drafts and previewing pages.

Create Your WordPress Site With Blocks and Pages

Elementor has gained lots of compliments from professional web designers for its big collection of templates. However, you can find templates categorized in two ways – Blocks and Pages.

  • Using Blocks for developing web page development

elementor page builder blocks

Let us first tell you- what are Blocks? Individual and smaller elements to design webpages.

Elementor comprises of more than 200 ready-made Blocks that enable you to add testimonials, portfolios, pricing tables, and other design elements. Blocks are available in both free and pro version.


  • Using Pages for developing web development

elementor page builder pages

One of the smartest ways of developing a website with Elementor page builder is to apply pre-crafted Page. There are more than 150 Pages for Elementor users, and only 40 of them are free.

The library consists of the most commonly used pages, including Contact Us, About Us, Home Page, Team Page, and Landing Page. There are also pages for different niches, like restaurant and hotel. You can not only import templates but also adjust them freely. What’s more, you may save unique pages, created with your own ideas. Those pages become templates, and you can share them publicly. 

To maintain consistency in multiple webpages, you may choose pages of one category. However, to add a variety to the overall design, you may take Elementor templates from some third-party vendors. By default, elements are present in your page body. Thus, header, sidebar, and footer are visible to you. While you find the look odd, you can remove or rearrange those elements.


  • Using widgets for your website

elementor page builder elementselementor page builder elements

Widgets are different from Blocks, as they are smaller, and contain elements, like maps, titles, and images. Simply drag those Widgets to your page and serve your purpose.

There are 30+ free widgets and 50+ premium ones. You have also an option for inserting WordPress’s original widgets into your website. Based on the versatility of your chosen WordPress theme, you may find the desired look by using only free widgets.


Drag & Drop Editor - What You Can Do To Create Your Web-page

After choosing your web page templates, widgets, and content blocks, you need to rely on the editor to edit different page elements. You know that Elementor is one of the WYSIWYG tools. Thus, you can alter the mode and click on the Preview button to check out your edits. When you are pleased with your edits, you can publish the website for visitors.

Forced Styling and Editing

Now, we will delve deeper into the editing features of Elementor. The previous version of this WordPress page builder was slightly annoying. You could edit page elements only from the side bar. However, the latest version has made it easier for you to edit web pages.

Without leaving the present tab, you may access the Advanced and Style Menus.

We prefer it, as we can view the live text and layout. Other images are also adjustable from the sidebar.

You may think that text styling is one of the trivial things. However, Elementor enables you to edit line height, letter spacing, and other things.

More Features of Elementor To Grab Your Attention

  • Inline editing

Edit your text content while you are using the live screen. You can use the feature to compose blogs and edit their content at any time.

  • Translation

It is one of the plugins helping you to translate more than 23 languages. Several other languages can be translated with this plugin.

  • Header and footer editing tool 

Edit the footer and header of your site by using Elementor. Without applying codes, you may edit them easily.

  • Typography and colors

You may set typography and global color scheme to make a consistent and a fully balanced design for your

  • Other typography options

More than 800 Google fonts are available for you. Moreover, you can add custom typekit forms for your site

  • eCommerce widgets

Pre-designed WooCommerce widgets and integrated pricing list with pricing tables enable you to create eCommerce webpages.

  • Third-party integrations

The plugin helps in integrating GetResponse, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and other third-party systems.

Extra Add-Ons For Elementor

extra add on

While reviewing Elementor page builder, i also need to introduce some high quality third party add-ons for Elementor. It helps your web page to grow further. 

These are the add-ons that i personally currently using on my web-page, and i will list them down below.


You can refine your design capabilities with this add-on. Its big library includes several Elementor widgets (Mega Menu, WooCommerce, Form Styler, Login Form, Marketing Button, and other widgets) to make your website unique. There are more than 100 professionally designed sites, and you may customize them as per your needs. Moreover, Cross-site Copy Paste is one of the features to save your time.


essential add onThis add-on presents you with –

        • 30+ widgets (free)
        • 29+ elements (premium)
        • 100+ ready-to-use blocks
        • Free and pro extensions.
        • Post blocks and dynamic gallery
        • Interactive promo
        • Modal popups.
        • Protected content


the plus add on

This is an innovative and unique add-on with

        • More than 80+ widgets
        • 300+ UI Blocks
        • 18+ Templates
        • Amazing Listing Builder Furthermore, this add-on is compatible with third-party themes.


Crocoblock 300X250 light

There have both dynamic and static elements with JetElements by Crocoblock.

JetElements helps you in creating high-end designs easier and faster with a range of widgets-

        • Team member widget
        • Attractive info blocks with buttons, icons, and titles
        • Image comparison


happy add on

It is a powerful with a full package of what you need for developing your website. You can browse through-

        • 400+ preset designs
        • Section nesting- Multiple sections
        • Motion effects
        • 1500+ line icons
        • Customizable widgets that you can easily integrate to your site

Website Under Construction - Maintenance Mode

You are busy in developing your website and updating it. At this time, you can choose Elementor’s Maintenance Mode to display the temporary webpage and manage the HTTP status code. The option is accessible from the WordPress dashboard.

Until your site is fully ready, you have no risk to publish edits. You will have control of every element, including images, columns, widgets, and content blocks. What’s more, you can

  • Customize widgets based on the page positions
  • Adjust the pace and width between different columns
  • Add hover effects and advanced motion
  • Set margins by percentage

Pricing Of Elementor Page Builder

elementor page builder price

With free version, you can create any number of websites. However, premium version is available with different pricing options –

  • Personal – $49
  • Plus -$99
  • Expert – $199

 Now, the question is – Which is better choice for you? Free or Premium

 The free version of Elementor is equipped with lots of features. You can create small business website and personal sites at free of cost. The free package also enables you to develop custom pages.

What will you get with free Elementor page builder?

  • Use page builder to choose features, like version history mobile editing, and live design.
  • More than 30 widgets for text boxes, images, maps, and audio files
  • Over 40-page templates with royalty-free stock images
  • More than 100 Block templates to let you use testimonials and other features
Paid versions of Elementor

Elementor Pro presents you with premium Page templates (300+), Block templates (100+), and global widgets. One widget is applicable for different pages of your website. You will also find Theme Builder, WooCommerce Builder, CSS code accessibility, front-end Form builder, and Popup builder. You will get the best value from the Expert version.

Personally using Elementor Pro with Plus Version. For beginners just start your first website and want to play more features, highly recommend for getting Elementor Pro with Personal version.

When you are familiar with all functions and more website can upgrade to Plus version like me.

May find out full detail here >>

Is Elementor The Right Choice For You?

From interpreting reviews of different users, we have to admit that we are impressed with Elementor as a page building tool. We have tried out other page builder plugins, and with detailed comparisons, we have found it to be a reliable option. Elementor is best for DIY website building solution without knowledge about CSS and HTML. It is easy to learn the way of using this tool. Still, you can look for its alternatives, like SiteRubix, the web page builder of Wealthy Affiliate. This page builder is also a feature-rich solution for bloggers and online entrepreneurs.


Surely, Elementor templates enable you to develop several websites of different designs. You may modify every part of the theme. However, there is no option of importing and exporting the theme fully. You may move each of the theme parts separately.

For Elementor Pro, you cannot find a Demo version. However, there is a refund policy, enabling you to cancel the deal. You will receive the refund on the first 30 days. Thus, try out Elementor for one month to make your decision.

Yes, there are different triggers, conditions, and rules to determine the Popup style. You can use Dynamic Actions to trigger Popups manually. Advanced Rules will help in triggering Popups automatically.

Some WordPress users think that page builders affect SEO performance of a site. You will not face this issue with Elementor, as it turns out valid HTML markup. That is why you will have no concern about technical problems of SEO. Elementor works smoothly with Yoast SEO, SEOPress, RankMath, and other WordPress SEO plugins. You may choose any of them with Elementor.

As Elementor does not deal with complicated codes, you can create lightweight webpages for your site. The page loading time will also be fast. 

Obviously, Elementor lets you adjust shopping cart of checkout page. However, it will not offer you widgets to manage WooCommerce Cart. To accomplish your task, you have to choose PowerPack Elementor add-ons and get different styling options.

Although you can find several free and paid Elementor add-ons, it is not easy to choose the right one. Every add-on has a range of features and functionalities. From my review, you can find details of the best add-on suitable for your need.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed this topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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