How To Make Money From Wealthy Affiliate – The Secret You Need To Know 2020

Do you feel tired of searching for the best schemes to be rich overnight? Marketing gurus will never share with you the secret of earning money online successfully. Being frustrated with some vain efforts for a number of years, you may have thought of giving up everything.

Well, then, let me tell you that Wealthy Affiliate can be your best target if you are determined to earn money from this digital world.

We are writing this post mainly for two groups of readers.

  • Those having a curiosity to make additional income from the online world
  • Those having an interest in joining the training university, Wealthy Affiliate

Never get me wrong. You may find lots of ways of making money online. However, i want to show you something that ensures sure success.

First, let me write a few words on Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is a training program or a training university to teach you how to be a successful online marketer. WA founders introduce you to the most effective ways of building blogs, composing killer content, and knowing about SEO.

What attracts most to startups and beginners is the FREE membership opportunity of Wealthy Affiliate. Surely, there are premium membership options, and we will talk about them later. Get motivation from WA trainers and find the real way of achieving financial success.

When you learn about the name, Wealthy Affiliate, for the first time in this blog, you may have queries on genuineness. To make you feel confident, we need to say honestly that there is nothing scam in Wealthy Affiliate. You can rely on it to establish a profitable online business.

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Wealthy Affiliate - Basic Ways Of Making Money

Basically, there are two most obvious ways of earning money from Wealthy Affiliate.

The first one is to create a niche site and earn an amount as commission through your chosen affiliate marketing program.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with the essential tools to design a website. Its training program will teach you how to write posts and secure a higher rank in Google’s SERP result. Obviously, it will help you to attract lots of visitors to your website, and you will find more clicks on the affiliate links. With the right application of the best tricks, you may earn more than $1000 every month in the first year. Isn’t it a cool idea?

But, Wealthy Affiliate has opened up another path of earning more money. You can promote Wealthy Affiliate by creating a website. This training university will send you commissions when someone signs up by clicking on your link. Thus, you will get paid by turning your website visitors into the premium WA members.

In short, you have two options available:

  • Building a niche website (with WA’s website builder) to promote products of your chosen affiliate marketing program
  • Creating a website to earn from WA’s referral program or affiliate marketing

For both these options, you can have the help of the WA team and go through a few steps,

  • Create a website for your preferred niche

You need to decide on the niche when you have signed up for different affiliate programs other than Wealthy Affiliate. For instance, your website can be about healthcare, sports, fashion, and any hobby. You can choose one or more niches. However, they have to be relevant to each other.

If you are clueless, you can refer to some Profitable Niches list as below :

        • Wealth – Make Money From Home, Personal Finance, Entrepreneurship, Online Business, Stocks, Real Estate, E-commerce

        • Health – Diet & Nutrition, Cooking, Supplements, Vitamins, Exercises

        • Relationships – Love, Dating, Marriage, Opposite sex

        • Electronics – Camera, Cell Phone, Computer, Headphone, Accessories & Supplies

        • Beauty – Skin Care, Make-up, Foot & Hand Nail Care, Hair Care

As one of the WA members, you can get free web builder, SiteRubix. What’s more, you will get free website building training from Wealthy Affiliates.

You may check out here how to build out a free website easily with SiteRubix.


  • Getting traffic with the best keywords

Your first target is to get free organic traffic. You can give your focus on the search engines like Google. The most important steps to reach your target is :

        • To look for low-competition keywords
        • To develop the most useful content for your target readers
        • To share the content on different social media platforms

Now, for keyword research, why should you look for other tools? Wealthy Affiliate itself presents you with a keyword analysis tool, Jaaxy.

Use this tool to pick low-competition keywords. Open Jaaxy and then find the relevant keywords for your website content. With WA tools, you can find special features, like QSR and Avg.

QSR lets you know how many sites have ranked on the search engine for the keyword

Avg indicates the average monthly searches of any keyword.

To get low-competition key phrases and keywords, you need low QSR, which is below 100. The competition level for the keyword needs to be low as much as possible. For any new website, it is not easy to achieve a better rank with highly competitive keywords. Instead, the low competition keywords will help you to find a position on the first SERP result page. You have a chance to get at least 5-10 visitors every day on each of the keywords. Thus, you can simplify the keyword research process with the special tool from WA.


  • Compose the best content

To get the desired result, you have to create useful content for your site. As you have already identified keywords, you may make the content SEO-friendly. Lots of affiliate marketers think of outsourcing their everyday blog writing tasks. However, we think that WA training can make the writing process easier for you.

Your responsibility is not over after writing the content. To distribute it and make it reachable to others, you have to share the content to social media platforms. Best quality content is sharable to others. You will get lots of comments and shares naturally from your content readers.

Take time to refine your writing skills and develop the best content for your site.


  • Turn your website into a money-making machine

Your website has already started receiving traffic. Now, you can think of different options to earn money.

As we are mainly talking about Wealthy Affiliate, your focus can naturally go to affiliate marketing. However, other options available for you, are Sponsored posts and Google AdSense.

Still, the simplest way to start generating money is by adding affiliate links to relevant products. You may join the WA affiliate program and other similar programs. Always ensure that your chosen products have added the ultimate values to your website.

More Information About Wealthy Affiliate Referral Program

wealthy affiliate commisions

You have learned the fact that Wealthy Affiliate gives you the amazing opportunity of earning money from its Referral Program. You will receive a monthly commission after every successful signups and purchase of premium membership.

You can find two types of commission based on your own membership level. As one of the starter members, you own a free account. On the other hand, by investing in a premium account, you will get several benefits. For instance, your commission level will be high for your referral program.

However, we do not mean to say that the starter membership is bad. With the free account, you still have a chance to make good amount of money.

Have a look at the below information on how much you can earn as a starter and premium member,

  • Free (Starter) Membership

You have a chance to earn $4.00 in the first month due to the special offer from Wealthy Affiliate. When you continue using the account, it is easy to earn about $11.75 on a monthly basis.

When you are a starter member, you will get commission only if the referred person has purchased the premium membership package from Wealthy Affiliate.

Herein lies the difference between a free and premium member.


  • Premium Membership

Premium affiliate members can make $1.00 for every successful signup for simply a free account. In the first month of your premium member; you may earn about $8.00. Then, your monthly earnings can reach $23.50. When your referrals buy a domain from Wealthy Affiliate, your commission is $1.00.

People You Recommend Amount (USD) Starter Member Commission (USD) Premium Member Commisions (USD)
Join Free Member Free NIL $1
Upgrade To Premium Member Within 7 Days $19 $4 $8
Monthly Recurring $49 $11.75 $23.50
Yearly Recurring $495 $117.50 $235

If you also want to make money from Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program, here are a few my suggestions to share with you :

  • Upgrade To Premium Member

I saying this is not to hard sell you, “If you really want to make money from Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate program,” you have do this because the referral commissions is double than starter member (refer to chart as above) , and you can enjoy full resources of Wealthy Affiliate, so i think it is a necessary investment for make money from Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Don’t sell for sales

Imagine that if you keep promote Wealthy Affiliate blindly and keep telling people how good it is. Doesn’t it look like a scam program? Try to provide people value and find the ways to help people, and let people trust you. To build up Like & Trust is very important thing in this internet marketing industry. Once you know the foundation, you can make money with any various tools, not necessarily limited to promoting Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Results Will Not Be Seen In Short Term

Wealthy Affiliate affiliate program’s profit making is not built up in a short time. Generally speaking, it must be at least 3 to 6 months (depending on your efforts). But once your business build up strongly, it will bring you a beautiful passive income. It might take a while for the Google search engine to trust your website. During mean time, you must continue publish your content provide value. You must believe that it is a worthy for investment and persevere in order to become the final winner.

Affiliate Marketing Program of Wealthy Affiliate - A Short Review

Wealthy Affiliate is fully based on assisting others to become successful affiliates. That is why Carson and Kyle know the anticipations of other affiliates. Most of the affiliates have claimed that WA’s Affiliate Program is highly lucrative.

As one of the affiliate marketers, you may rely on the training course from WA. You will get instructions and resources on how to turn your dream into a reality. From web hosting to a keyword research tool, everything will be accessible to you. Based on your interest and passion, WA offers two types of online training programs.

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification

wealthy affiliate review bootcamp

When you have picked a niche for your online business, you want to develop a site around it. In this case, you can choose this Entrepreneur Certification program. The certification training includes 50 lessons that let you walk through the overall process of starting an online business in any niche.


  • Affiliate Bootcamp Training

wealthy affiliate review bootcamp 2

It is truly a good option for those who need to learn digital marketing. This training program includes 70 lessons, and you can know the way of building a flawless website.

NOTED : Only Premium Member can access full training lessons, Starter Member can only access 10 lessons in each training program.

Is There Any Other Way To Earn From Wealthy Affiliate?

wealthy affiliate training

Very few WA fans know that they can earn an amount by creating tutorials hosted on WA. This is third way of making money as a member of WA. Let us clarify it to you in detail.

The major target of WA members is to earn revenue from their online business. WA founders know about it and offer a monetary incentive to different WA members, creating training materials to assist others in achieving goals.

We are sure that how much amount you will earn from the WA training program.

However, there is no definite answer, as it depends on your tutorials’ usefulness and value. To measure your success, you need to know the number of visitors on your page, their comments, and likes. Thus, with the higher popularity of your training program, you will have a chance to earn a higher amount.

How Much Time Do You Need To Earn As The Wealthy Affiliate Member?

Like i mention, you need to put in your quality work and genuine efforts, you may start seeing monetary gains within 5 to 6 months. The overall time can be longer or shorter depending on your dedication.

As your website is getting older and gaining higher authority, you may grow your business more and more.

You may feel skeptical of joining Wealthy Affiliate, as you have queries on its reliability. Set your mind first, and then go the WA’s site to join their program. WA gives you lots of resources to help you in reaching the financial targets. In due course, you may be able to increase your revenue. What’s more, you can join Wealthy Affiliate’s community to get useful instructions from other members. The positive environment of this community will also give you encouragement.

Join Wealthy Affiliate - Learn The Tricks Of Earning More

Millions of marketers and entrepreneurs have chosen Wealthy Affiliate as the best destination to make money. From website building and keyword research to affiliate marketing training, WA is a reliable option. Become a member of Wealthy Affiliate and join its growing community. You can embark on your journey to the digital world for additional revenue.

Your attitude decide everything :

  • Put in enough effort and hard work
  • Only focus on one thing (Niche)
  • Patient for result
  • Persistence
Success will come to you!


Of course not! There is no multi-level marketing or Pyramid Scheme with WA. Surely, you may earn money easily promoting WA. However, you can do that by gaining affiliate commissions only from referrals. You cannot find a pyramid structure, and WA presents you with a flat commission system

Yes! All free members can host one site on the platform of Wealthy Affiliate. Conversely, premium members get a chance to host 10 sites. Moreover, there is better security and additional features with WA. You will also receive SSL certificates at free of cost.

It is free to sign up! You may join Wealthy Affiliate to become a free member with $0. You can decide on staying as free members for several months. However, when you upgrade it to the premium membership within 7 days, you need to pay only$ 19. (Sign up here

It depends on how much effort you have applied to earn from Wealthy Affiliate. Some marketers find results within a few months, while others cover years to notice results.

You will find no up-sells, and it makes WA different from other programs. There are just only Starter Membership and Premium membership. Only premium member of Wealthy Affiliate will unlocks different features of the program.

Yes, you will surely earn money as a starter member. However, to earn higher amount, you just need upgrade to premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed this topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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