How To Start A Blog By WordPress With Easy Simple Steps – Beginner Guide 2020

Have you set up your mind to start a blog and being a successful blogger? It’s an awesome idea to earn money online. Now, what name comes up in front of our eyes to talk about blogging? Surely, it’s WordPress. From different online tutorials and websites, you have learned that WordPress is the best option to let you create a blogging platform within a few minutes.

But, with the availability of several themes, settings, functionalities, and plugins, first-time bloggers find it slightly intimidating to use WordPress. If you do not feel WordPress is intuitive to you, we have some free advice for you.

I have compiled some foolproof guidelines on how to develop a perfect, fully functional, and properly designed WP blogging site. Moreover, we have discussed the best ways to make money online with blogs.

Let us have a quick glance of what you should do for developing a WordPress blogging website.

  • Look for web hosting service providers
  • Select your hosting package
  • Find a domain name that matches your blog.
  • Go through the hosting registration process
  • Install WordPress
  • Get access to your dashboard to write the first blog

For any of these activities, you do not need technical skills.

When you have already started running your blog, you can twist its functionality and look. To do that, you can…

  • Use WordPress editors for composing your first post
  • Change the look of your WordPress site with a theme
  • Add more functionalities with plugins

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A Detailed Guide On Steps To Start Your WordPress Blog

#1 Start searching for a blogging platform

Now, you decide to start your blog journey so of course you need a platform to build up your blog and post your content. You cannot start your blog without the right blogging platform. There are several blog platform out there,

You may find blogging platforms in both free and premium versions. To get a trial, you can prefer free platforms. However, to monetize your blog, it is better to choose the premium versions. Free platforms may result in some issues…

  •         You do not have full control over your blog content.
  •         Your blog’s web address may not be catchy
  •         At any time, you can find your platform shut down
  •         You have no chance of placing ads on the blog.
#2 Take time to choose your blogging niche

You may have a vision and a particular reason for creating blogs. However, some people mess up different ideas of blogging topics.

I can say that you can just pick anything in which you have interests but just stick at one niche at the first time. Maybe, you will saying that “I don’t have any hobby or interest, how do i continue?” I get it, you do not have high authority in the chosen niche. Still, you can prefer something that never bores you and your readers. In here, i will share with you some of the most common blogging topics are…

  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Parenthood
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Gaming
  • Product review
  • Finance Investment
  • Cook Recipes
  • Digital marketing
#3 Find a domain name that matches your blog

Purchasing a domain name for your blogging website is not something difficult. However, it is not always easy to find the desired domain name. For instance, domain names, having .com extension, are highly competitive, like my website Still, never give up. You can find lots of other domain extensions for you.

Now, i will guide you on how to choose your best domain name…

  • Should the domain name be about some general topics or your personal name? To get the answer, you need to know what you will write in the blog.
  • Maintain simplicity- In case of the complicated domain name, your potential visitors have a chance of making mistakes while writing the domain name. Finally, they can reach some others’ websites.
  • Make sure that the domain name is pronounceable – Do not confuse others with misspellings and intricate spellings
  • Have a precise domain name with a few characters
  • Do not use brand names of other companies.
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers
  • Use keywords for your domain name.

TIPS : You may use tools to check out the availability of your domain names. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool will help you in finding the best keywords for your website. Type your website URL and then this specialized tool will reveal you the list of relevant keywords.

Once you know your domain name keyword is low competitors and its available to use, then you are good to go.

#4 Host your blogging website

After you have your domain name, the next step is to host your blog. Without web hosting and domains, you cannot make your blog visible to other online users. Web hosting agencies enable you to make your blogging site accessible to web traffic. You may find several web hosting service providers, and in most cases, their packages start from about $3-$10 a month. Even some of the hosting is Free. That’s right, you heard me, its free! The software is a wordpress website builder and also a web hosting, you can sign up for free with zero risk.

Surely, you will ask what’s the hosting. Don’t worry, i gonna share with you right now.

TIPS : To get paid by build up a blog and writting blog posts, you have to choose a high quality and reliable blogging platform. Which is SiteRubix, hosted by Wealthy Affiliate (Maybe you have heard about it before). I personally using it to run my website.

If you decide to use SiteRubix to host your website, may check out this guide to create your free website.

Like i mention just now, SiteRubix is a website builder and also a web hosting. And you can direct create a domain name from it too. SiteRubix has 2 packages, Starter member (FREE) and Premium member. Starter member can create 1 free website and Premium member may create up to 10 websites, and their package includes hosting price. In fact, WordPress is presently working together with WA members to develop a solid base for online businesses owners and bloggers.

With website monitoring tools, domain registration services, SSL certificate, and keyword research tools, Wealth Affiliate can be the best choice. However, mostly affiliate marketers prefer it to develop their blogging site. To learn something valuable, you can rely on Wealthy Affiliate tutorials.bluehostIf you doesn’t like SiteRubix, here is another popular web hosting i can recommend to you, Bluehost. It is been recommended by WordPress itself.

#5 Install WordPress software

It is one of the most important steps to establish your blogging business. However, you can accomplish it easily.

When you have chosen SiteRubix, Bluehost or others hosting service providers, it will present you with a comprehensible wizard for a WordPress installation.

You can input relevant details, including your username, password and website’s name.

And that’s it, you may start your blog journey!

Essential Things To Enhance Your Blog

Add themes and plugins to your blog

One of the major advantages of WordPress blogs is that you can find a big collection of WordPress themes and plugins.

Themes – Help you in changing your blog design for better aesthetics

Plugins – Enable you to add some functionality to the blogging site

An active theme is highly essential for WordPress blog development. Some of us choose a default WordPress theme, while others look for something attractive.

For instance, i recommend you may have Elementor page builder to develop your WordPress blogging site very fast. Elementor themes present you with some WordPress compatible themes, optimized to deal with the page builder.  Here are some of the themes i recommend to you…

  • Astra Theme – Optimized for speed, ready-made templates, WooCommerce compatible, and integration with page builders (Personally using its pro version, highly recommended)
  • Neve – Responsive design, custom layouts, lightweight, superfast, and blog booster.
  • Hestia – For small businesses, startups, online agencies and firms, e-commerce and more
  • Reader – SEO-ready blog layouts, several color schemes, Google fonts, and clean blog design
  • Generate Press – Customizable design, attractive fonts, WooCommerce integration, developer-friendly, and a range of post formats
Choosing plugins for your WordPress blogging site

I have already said that themes are about appearances of your blogs. Conversely, plugins focus mainly on the functionality of your blogging site.

A novice blogger only needs to compose blogs and create basic pages. However, when you think of taking your blogging website to a different level, you have to add some plugins and its good to your website…

  • Social Pug
  • Contact forms
  • Backup plugins
  • Wordfence security
  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer
  • Rank Math SEO
  • Ninja forms
  • Contant Form 7
  • BuddyPress
  • GetResponse
  • And Many More

There are more than 50,000 free and paid plugins for WordPress users, you may play with it slowly.

TIPS : At here i just want to make a quick sharing about GetResponse. It is one of the popular and important WordPress plugins to help you in adding website visitors to a contact list. You may also use it for tracking the number of website visits. However, GetResponse is especially useful for growing the contact list. This is the another level of blogging, you will know it in your blogging journey. (Or you might already know)

Go Ahead To Post Content On Your Blog

After you have done all the steps from above, now you are ready for creating your blog posts. I will guide you on how to adjust the function and overall look of the blog. However, let’s first tell you the way to manage WordPress dashboard for composing blog posts.

  • Go to the “Posts” section
  • Then, hit the option – Add New, to start writing your first blog post

You can then launch WP Editor to help you in posting blogs. You may add blocks and embed YouTube videos.

What Should You Do After Creating Your Blog?

I have provided you with some simple steps to starting a blog. It is everything about the structure, functionality, and design of your blogging website.

Here, I need to get into the topic of monetization How can you make money with a blog? I know this is way too far for you as a beginner, but its just a quick brief…

  • Google AdSense

Lots of bloggers earn money by displaying Google ads on their WordPress blog. Thus, to monetize your blog, you may choose Google AdSense as the right option. AdSense is the biggest advertising platform for publishers and bloggers. Advertisers bid for keywords that match your blog content. You will get a chance of availing the best rate for ads.

AdSense ads of different types –

      • Text ads include words, and the ad size can be of diverse types.
      • Images- These are graphic ads. You may also choose animated images
      • Video ads
      • AdSense for Search- When a user types a word and conducts a Google search, the SERP result opens with these AdSense ads.


  • Create an online store

Some bloggers choose to sell products directly from their own blogging site. For instance, they can sell, e-Books, music, artworks, digital downloads, and other physical products.

When you have confidence about your blogging skills and other talents, you can offer consulting services.

There are different options to trigger sales in your blogging platform –

      • Insert a button to your blog post. Make sure that this button directly links to your product.
      • Embed an online store into your blogging platform.
      • When you have a separate store, you may add a navigation link to your blogging site


  • Affiliate Marketing

When your blog has already started receiving traffic, it is the best time to start affiliate marketing campaigns. Based on your blog niche, you can choose your affiliate marketing program. Now, you may have lots of queries on how to do affiliate marketing with a website.

Above all, you need to find out what is the best niche for affiliate marketing. Then, you can move on to achieve more from your campaign.

You may feel that it is not easy to earn through affiliate links in your blogs. In that case, you can join the affiliate marketing training program of Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Publish amazing blog post content

When there is nothing unique in your blog topic, you may not be successful in blogging and affiliate marketing. Your blog content needs to have something, which stimulates readers to buy the relevant product. You can look for trending blog topics and use tools to identify factors that affect your blog niche.

TIPS : You want to have an amazing blog post content then you need to have an amazing keyword research tool, Jaaxy to assist you with that. I have mention it just now. Although your first focus should be on your blog quality and values, you need to insert keywords for SEO. So,you need to use Jaaxy, a keyword analysis tool, and find the target keywords for your blogs.

Why Should You Wait Anymore?

So, i have created a comprehensive guide on how do you start a blog and make money. WordPress platform makes it easy for you to develop your blog site. With slight tweaks to your themes and plugins, you can give a professional look to your blogs. It may take time to find value from the blog platform. Still, your continuous efforts will enable you to reach your goal. You may also look for other ways of monetizing your WordPress blogging website.


The post format refers to a style, based on the type of content, available in the post. For instance, your content may include video, image, and quotes. On the right side of the screen, there is a Format section, and you have to click on it while posting blogs.

Go to the Posts section, and from there, you can find the option- New. You may add the content, post title, and other details.

To set the category of posts and add some tags, you need to use meta boxes.

A page template helps with custom styling for your page. Based on your chosen theme, you can pick page templates for homepage, blog, and other pages.

WordPress is one of the SEO-friendly platforms. However, it never means that it will reduce your efforts for an SEO campaign. You have to manage your WordPress blogs rightly to find better SEO results.

The best option for you is to rely on a WordPress page builder. Page builder plugins provide you with drag-and-drop interface and help you to have a preview of your site.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed this topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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