How To Write A High Quality Blog Post And Make Money [2020 Update]

How do you write a quality blog post? A beginner would say that it is only a three-step process – Open the computer, grab a topic, and start writing the blog content. No, this is not everything of a successful blog. Blogging is also neither about the word limit nor about the frequency of keywords. When you do not know the right tricks, your blogs may turn out to be obscure in the digital world.

Most of the blogs stick to find the answer to one question – How do I start a blog to make money?

Surely, one of your major targets for blogging is to earn money, that’s why you are here. However, your major focus needs to be on quality. You must not simply fill the space with words.

I will help you to learn the best techniques of making your blogs more valuable.

But, we need to talk about the common technicalities of developing a blogging site. While you have no budget for hiring professional developers, you need to build a site on your own. Obviously, there are code-free web development opportunities for you.

Choosing a reliable website builder is the smartest decision, especially for non-developers. When you have no coding skills, you can install a user-friendly website builder. With the builder plugins and themes, you may make your site more functional.

how to write high quality blog post

Now, the question is – Which website builder is the right choice for you? I do not like to waste your time with a long list of website page builders. I will just recommend you the builder that i use for my website.

You may have heard that Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training university. However, it has also intuitive website building software – SiteRubix, available in free and paid versions. You can find amazing feature tools, themes, and plugins with SiteRubix.

After create your website, is time to design your unique web page. Astra Theme and Elementor Page Builder is another option with a set of useful tools for a responsive blogging website design. Elementor plugins also work with WordPress blog pages.

Thus, with these page builders, plugins, and themes, you need to go through simple steps to starting a blog.

Now, i will provide you with the most effective blogging tips.

Let’s get started. Shall we?

Take your first step by finding the reason - WHY?

Why should I start the blog?

By identifying your objectives, you may proceed further for blogging.

What is the purpose of writing the blog?

  • A blog can be a resource of information on the niche-related topic.
  • The blog content will present you as thought leader and develop your authority.
  • It can reveal some breaking news and the latest information

After understanding your blog identity, you have to find an answer to some questions.

The major question is-

For whom are you writing your blog post?

Is it for… Readers? Links and Shares? or Subscribers?

For instance, some bloggers have a target of building authority and gaining reputation with the quality content in their chosen niches.

Each of the blog pages has to be an in-depth resource. We think that it is better to focus more on quality than on quantity.

Your blog must speak to your target audience

As you know your audience, you have learned about their desires.Thus, it will be easier for you to make your blog more relevant. You must also understand what is not desirable to your readers.

Here, you can note down three tricks,

  • Define your readers’ personas
  • Know their interests
  • Find out their problems to present them with a solution

It is the best way to gain reader’s attention and engage them.

For instance, when you are writing corporate blogs, your blogs need to talk about the internal activities of your business. In this case, you must not waste your readers’ time by revealing the news of your donation to charity.

Readers are always interested in their own lives and challenges. That is why your blogs can show how your services and products solve their issues.

Another important thing is that your blog has to reveal something new. To write a successful blog post, you must know these hacks to level up the quality. You may also try to personalize the content for the target group of readers.

Check out your qualifications to compose anything on your blog niche

An angler cannot have knowledge about farming. Readers may become skeptical.

Thus, your personal background and qualifications are relevant factors on writing the best blogs. When you know your specialty, your blogs can cover every facet.

Create a schedule

Do not rush to write blogs after choosing topics. You have to make out how your blog content will deliver value to your readers.

To be more systematic, you can mark down your calendar to know when to post your blogs.

After picking a topic, you have to find out sub-points to be included in the blog.

These are steps for creating your blog outline to reach readers.

Keep up freshness in your blogs

We have used the term, freshness, not to denote the copied content. However, your blog content must not replicate the stuff found in the blog of your rival bloggers.

Your high-quality blogs have to stand out in the digital world. Thus, the subject of your blog has to be unique.

There are some ways to reflect this uniqueness,

  • Your tone of voice
  • A high amount of data to prove your words
  • Visuals and screenshots in the article body
  • Use of stories and analogues
  • The theory proved from a number of angles

Make your blog informative

Most of the Internet users look for something that solves their queries. As you are promoting your blog content, you have to answer their questions, help them, and offer solutions.

The truth is that the more readers read your blogs, the more they will see your company’s name.

In the online world, there are several high quality blogs for readers. Lots of bloggers provide value by offering tutorials and some other things. Thus, you must do something that beats them.

Let your blog title work as a magnet

A brilliant blog title can attract your readers to go through your blogs. Creating the best title is one of the important steps. Click-worthy titles give the ultimate value to your efforts. Your blog title connects you with your readers.

How to make your blog SEO-friendly

A quality blog nurtures the interest of your audience. However, how do you make your blog reachable to them? Without SEO, you cannot do that. Let us introduce you to the best SEO tricks for your blogs.

  • Proper structuring is must

You have to make a clear structure for every blog post. Split the blog into a number of sections. Each of the blog posts must include

      • An introduction
      • A body
      • A conclusion

Do not write large paragraphs for your blogs. Each para can comprise up to 200-300 words.


  • SEO for your blog title

An interesting and attractive title is important for SEO. Some writers choose the title before writing blogs, while others want to deal with it after composing the content. In fact, the best title has some characteristics in common-

      • The character limit has to range from 55 to 60.
      • The title should related the blog content
      • It needs to be intriguing to attract the search engine users to click on it.
      • It must contain the target keyword.

Now, for this keyword inclusion, we need to say that you can use a keyword research tool, Jaaxy. You can use this tool very easily for finding the relevant keywords. Based on your blog subject, you will get the right keywords.


  • Use correct headings

The choice of headings affects the readability of your blog. Moreover, Google can understand the theme and subject of your blogs. Headings and subheadings clarify your blog structure. However, ensure that you have inserted the right keywords into those heads.


  • Short and concise paragraphs work best

We have already told you about this fact. In some cases, you can write a paragraph of two to three lines. Use different formatting options to prevent readers from feeling bored.


  • Add links to the right place

While writing blogs, you have to insert internal links that will redirect your reader to another blog of your site. Internal linking is one of the best SEO techniques offering you several benefits. With internal links,

      • Google can find out other pages of your site.
      • It can understand the niche of your website.
      • Readers can easily find a way of getting more information about a topic.


  • No keyword stuffing

Keyword research with Jaxxy is the smartest way to make your blog SEO-friendly. However, you must not over stuff the content with keywords. You should use these keywords forcefully. Maintain the natural tone of the content to keep up the quality. Where can you use keywords? Content, headings, title, and conclusion.


  • Optimize your blog length

Your blog needs to have at least 2000 words. Digital marketers have found that a longer blog size works better in the natural search result. However, we do not want to say that shorter posts will not get a good rank. The longer blog must have readability or else, it can scare your readers.

Still, we have to focus on the fact that quality is more important than quantity. In-depth details with references and an attractive image can make a blog more valuable.


  • Meta description Optimize it

The meta description for your blog must not be more than 250 characters. You have to maintain the right length of this description while keeping it interesting and informative.

Editing and Proofreading blogs

While you have chosen a conversational style for a blog post, you have a chance of making grammatical mistakes. That is why you must go through the content after writing it and publishing it.

You may not notice the error while reading fast. You can rely on some other person to read your blog.

Some bloggers use online tools to check spelling and grammar. Thus, make your blogs free of errors with proper proofreading.

So, How to make money from blogs

I have instructed you on how to write the best quality blog post like a professional blogger. However, despite writing quality blogs, you cannot make your site a money-generating system. That is why we have presented you with some ways of earning money from your blogs-

  • Affiliate marketing

You can join affiliate programs of Amazon and different other sites to earn more money. By sharing affiliate links and reviewing products, you may gain more visitors to your blog. However, make sure that your chosen affiliate products are relevant to your blogging site. When you find challenges in your affiliate marketing campaign, you may join the training program of Wealthy Affiliate.

  • Website flipping

When your blogging website has started getting visitors, you may sell it to others. You can sell the site at a price that gives values to your efforts.

  • Create premium content

You can create content only for premium members. When you find lots of readers are enjoying your blogs, it is the best time for monetization. However, make sure that you have added membership plugins to your website. You will earn more revenues with this technique.

  • Sell ebooks

Lots of readers love reading these e-books. The best way of creating an e-book is to collect content of your old posts and convert them into small chapters of your book. You may also write detailed information about those books in your blogging site. Let the reader download your e-book on any device.


Now, you have mastered the technique to write a successful blog post. However, your responsibility is not over after publishing the blog. You must review your blog pages periodically and keep the information updated. By auditing the blog content, you can add more values to every piece. With these tips, you can increase the search visibility of your blogging platform. Moreover, you can retain the best rank of your blogging site.


You know that the revenue targets of every blogger are different. However, when your monthly page views have crossed 30,000 page views, you may have full-time income from regular blogging.

You can rely on your preference to choose your blogging niche. However, lifestyle, technology, health, and online marketing are very popular types of blogs.

There is no rule about it. However, you must write at least 2000 words for every blog, as the search engines give more preference to length blogs.

You need to know different tricks for SEO of your blogs. You must place the right keywords, get valuable backlinks, and do several other activities for SEO.

It depends, everyone has different result. How much hard work and effort you put into your blog. In the first year, your revenue may be very small. However, you can start earning $50 to 200 in the first 24 months.

For beginner bloggers i highly recommend can start on affiliate marketing. These are simplest money making methods for novice bloggers.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed this topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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