The Jaaxy Review 2020 – Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO?

Jaaxy Review Summary

Product Name : Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
Founders : Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim
Product Type : Keyword Research Tool
Price : Starter Trial, Pro Version $49/month, Enterprise Version $99/month
Best For : Internet Marketer, Freelancer, Blogger
Overall Rating : 95/100
Recommend : Yes

Summary : Jaaxy is a web based keyword research tool that will help you search for the best keywords, track website ranking, assess the SERP page, and identify opportunities in your business niche.


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Choosing the best keyword research tool is always the smartest move in this digital world. The most effective and relevant keywords set the high rank for your site. However, a proper keyword analysis process does not mean that you have to randomly pick the search terms, hoping for the desired result. Sometimes, despite making insane efforts, you cannot obtain the best value. The secret behind success lies in finding the right tool for keyword research. While browsing websites, you may find the long list of names of these keyword tools. But, have you ever tried out the Jaaxy keyword analysis tool?

Feel free to search your amazing keywords…

What Does Jaaxy Claim?

It claims to help you search for the best keywords, track website ranking, assess the SERP page, and identify opportunities in your business niche.

Truly, it sounds good, theoretically.

We have found different feedback from SEO specialists, digital marketers, and affiliate marketers about this tool. Based on their views, we have written this review.

How Is The Creator Of Jaaxy?

You may have heard about Kyle and Carson, owner and co-founder of Wealth Affiliate. These guys also have developed Jaaxy as one of the quality-driven and user-friendly keyword research tools to drive organic traffic to your websites and blogs.

A Basic Concept About Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a web-based keyword finder that runs on Mac and Windows devices. You can start using it without downloading it on your device.

We recommend this tool mainly for data accuracy, speed, and ease of use. You can reduce your effort and save your time for keyword analysis.

You may have a blog or a niche website for your business. Then, Jaaxy can be your companion to dig out data from Google, Yahoo, Bing. What’s more, this tool presents the data in an easily readable way.

In this respect, we have compared it with Google Keyword Planner, intended for the AdWords campaign. The way of displaying the collected data by Jaaxy is better than that of Google Keyword Planner. The niche-focused users found values from it. With lots of important stuff, you can learn about keyword competition.

We know the fact that bloggers have to write content for readers and not for the search robots. However, it would never hurt readers when you have chosen the proper keywords for your blogs.

Who Can Choose Jaaxy?

To establish your presence in the online world, it is surely the right tool.  Still, we have listed individuals who will have benefits from using the tool.

  • Bloggers and article writers
  • Content marketers
  • Niche pursuers
  • Domain flippers
  • SEO agencies
  • PPC advertisers
  • Email marketers
  • Video marketers
  • Professionals doing competitors’ website research
  • Affiliate marketers

An Assessment Of The Interface

jaaxy keyword research tool

We have found the modern and minimalistic design of Jaaxy’s interface. As one of the first-time users, you can claim that the design is slightly bland with a few details.

But, Jaaxy has done that to keep the screen uncluttered. Novices will find it easy to navigate through the interface.

For instance, KWFinder has similar keyword finding capabilities. However, Jaaxy has made it unique for color-coding to deal with the keyword quality metric. This visual theme has simplified the interface. Conversely, tags of dashboards make everything counterintuitive.

For instance, Search History reveals details of your Jaaxy keyword analysis. Initially, you may feel slightly confused with this dashboard. Still, you will become accustomed to it in due course

What Are The Basic Functions Of Jaaxy As A Keyword Tool

jaaxy keyword research tool features

  • Finds average monthly searches

For the chosen keyword, you can make out how many searches it has obtained every month. Thus, you may identify the overall search traffic for the keyword on the search engines. There must be more than 30 searches a month.


  • Estimates the level of traffic

It is about the level of monthly traffic that you can find when your website grabs the first page in the SERP result. The estimated traffic denotes the lowest version.


  • Keyword Quality Indicator

With KQI, you will get red, yellow, or green signal to categorize keywords.

> Green is best -Weak and new websites can rank.

> Orange is acceptable or good – Aged websites with no considerable authority may rank.

> Red is bad – Only high-authority platforms have a chance to rank.

NOTED : It is a common mistake to go after some unattainable keywords. Never make this mistake.


  • Quoted Search Results

This QSR informs you about the number of competing pages for the chosen keyword. Jaaxy has an integrated, advanced algorithm to make out keyword competition precisely. You will find an accurate figure with this tool.

When you notice a lower number, it indicates a better result. The number under 100 can be the right choice.


  • To-Do List

This tab helps you in adding the best keyword to the to-do list. Then, it also creates a link to a reliable article marketing site.


  • Domain Search

We have mentioned that Jaaxy is designed for digital marketers. Right? Now, what do these marketers desire with every effort? An untapped business niche.

Here, Jaaxy outshines other keyword tools, as the Domain feature enables you to find the niche.

With thorough checking, it tells you about the perfect matched domain domains. You will find domain names for a total of eight TLDs.

As you are hunting for new domains, it is better to get in touch with Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is not only a training provider but also a reliable domain registrar.


  • SEO Capabilities

Depending on the past scores, it reveals the effectiveness of the keyword. To measure a keyword’s value, Jaaxy focuses on two things,

> Traffic Attracted by the keyphrase

> Quality of websites ranked for it 

Make sure that the number is more than 80. It ensures that you have identified a gem. The keyword gets a good amount of target traffic.


  • Related Keywords

Go to the right side of the interface, and you can find Jaaxy providing the most relevant keywords and keyphrases. You will find an in-depth analysis after making a keyword quest. Start sprinkling those keywords in your articles.

However, everything depends on the SEO score of the keyword. While the keyword has a high search volume with minimal competition, you may prefer. You can write your blogs with that keyword. When there are low traffic numbers, you can still use them naturally throughout your content. Thus, you will get value from them in the future.

Jaaxy Is Something More Than A Keyword Tool

  • Alphabet Soup

You may have learned about Google Instant. Jaaxy uses this specialized feature to insert alphabetical letters to the keyword depending on the regular searches of internet users. You can find the best long-tail keywords with this feature.

Let us clarify the feature in detail.

While typing into Google, have you noticed that the engine can guess what sentence you need to write? Well, we are sure that you haven’t missed to notice it.

However, this feature is also useful to refine your keyword analysis efforts. How?

Every day Google gets lots of searches, and most of those searches are new. Nevertheless, it can reveal a few of them to help you.

Now, you have to set the criterion to make your decision. Obviously, there is nothing new in it, and marketers know the way of using Google Suggest to research keywords. They have not used Jaaxy’s awesome feature – Alphabet Soup.

Jaaxy has the capability of scraping out Google search to present more than 100 keywords. Without this tool, you will get no clue about these keywords.


  • Site Rank

You have heard about the need for tracking your website rankings continuously. In fact, all bloggers and business owners are concerned about the present ranking of their sites.

We bet that you have already invested in some special and premium tools to know your site rank. Luckily, Jaaxy has an integrated rank-tracking system to scan the first few Google pages. Thus, use the Site Rank feature to know your status in the online competition.

What’s more, you may also track your competitors’ activity to know how they have moved up their sites in the SERP ranking pages.


  • Saved Lists

Organize your keywords and create a list based on the niche. You can simply tick ones looking good on the search result. Then, you may save those keywords in a list. With an in-depth analysis and comprehensive study, you can assess those keywords based on competition and potential traffic. Moreover, you can transfer the keyword list in .CSV format and have it in your spreadsheet application. At any time, you can think of evaluating them in absence of internet connection.


  • Search Analysis

It is now easy for you to find pages and websites with top positions of the search engines. Spy on the details about your strongest competitors Jaaxy enables you to the number of quality backlinks to your competitor’s websites, meta description, meta keywords, URL, title, Google Pagerank, outbound, and Google AdSense.


  • Search History

You can use this to know your past keyword searches not saved in the list.


  • Affiliate Programs

After identifying keywords, you have to make out how much monetary value you can obtain in the chosen niche. Find affiliate programs to promote products and earn money.


  • Brainstorm

It is the unique feature for overcoming challenges, like writer’s block. At times, you cannot find ideas to make the best content for your website. From Alexa Topics, Yahoo! Buzz, Amazon Best Sellers, Google Trends, and Twitter Trends, this Brainstorm detects the new trends.

Does Jaaxy Provide Training?

Jaaxy has a reliable and responsive team to help its users on time. You can readily get polite responses from the team.

You know that Kyle and Carson have already gained attention with their affiliate marketing training academy.

Thus, with useful videos and quality information, training is one of the priorities of Jaaxy.

Jaaxy - Is It A Legit Tool For Keyword Research?

The answer is Yes! You have no concern about legitimacy. It is a genuine tool created by Wealthy Affiliate’s founders. Lots of marketers have used it for their regular use.

Jaaxy is a matchless choice in the keyword research field.

Plus, it is cost-effective for most of the marketers.

Do Jaaxy Have Both Free and Premium Packages?

jaaxy keyword research tool price

Like any other online tool, Jaaxy has a free edition giving you opportunities to know about the functionality of this tool. You have a chance to analyze it and then pay for its premium packages on a monthly basis. The free tool presents you with 30 search queries (about keywords, Search Analysis, Affiliate Programs, and Alphabet Soup).

For premium users, there are two options – Pro and Enterprise.

To get better values and performances, recommend you may choose the Enterprise version.

So...Should You Choose Jaaxy?

Are you a digital marketer aiming to drive a good amount of traffic to your website? You can then choose Jaaxy as the best tool. Nowadays, lots of marketers look for keyword tools that provide perfect metrics. Low-quality tools cannot please you with their fluffy and confusing reports. With Jaaxy, you have no chance to do it.

Jaaxy fits best especially for startups and small website owners. It enables you to find long-tail keywords and build authority. SEO agencies may also try it out for their clients.

Go ahead to sign up for the free version of Jaaxy. When you have already gained confidence in this tool, you can directly choose the premium schemes


Wealthy Affiliate founders have thoughtfully designed the tool for keyword research. As WA is a trusted name to marketers, Jaaxy is surely a good innovation of this training university.

Jaaxy helps in mining keywords from Google, and other search engines. By obtaining data take the data, Jaaxy runs it through a native algorithm. You can find keywords’ competition and know the way of replicating their success.

Yes, Jaaxy has an affiliate program for you. You may create an account and find a unique affiliate code to promote the tool to others.

Designed by Google, this Keyword Planner is a free tool. However, it does not provide accurate data on the number of keyword searches.

Thus, Jaaxy is the best alternative to Keyword Planner.

Uncovering the best available domains is one of the major functions of Jaaxy. Jaaxy can automatically display you domains related to the chosen keyword. With every search, you can find almost 90 domains.

Surely, you can do. There is a special brainstorm feature enabling you to find the latest trends and new opportunities in your business niche.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed this topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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    In the second jaaxy page image titled “What Are The Basic Functions Of Jaaxy As A Keyword Tool” I notice the QSR number
    is there for all of the keywords. But in the first image of a jaaxy page they are not all listed. Is that the difference between
    the free and paid version? If not, how does one make it so all of those numbers show up automatically. I always have to
    click on the QSR field to get that number.

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    Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Samuel! I regularly use Jaaxy to target keywords and choose my article titles, and the platform has definitely helped my articles to be indexed much faster than they would be otherwise. I agree that there is some limited functionality as a starter and premium member (I’d like global search results myself), but overall, Jaaxy is still a very prominent and useful tool. Great read! I will definitely share your post with my friends and family. God bless you!

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    Well done on such an informative and in-depth review. It’s great that you summarise everything in the pros and cons section, it makes it easier for me to come to a judgement/understanding of the tool. Do you think most people can get away with the basic version or who should invest in a premium account?

    Keep up the good work!


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    Ivan Brozincevic

    Jaaxy is one of my favourite tools for SEO. It’s simple and easy to understand, which makes it perfect for both beginners and advanced SEOs. Thanks for sharing this review and keep up the good work!

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    This is one of the most thorough Keyword Research Reviews that I have encountered!
    It is thorough and so easy to understand.

    Jaaxy seems to be so capable that even the FREE version appears to be adequate for my current needs.
    I am a Digital Entrepreneur myself and always welcome new tools that would help be build quality content on my websites.
    Jaaxy hits the nail right on the head, with full impact.

    I REALLY like it and thank you for your review.
    It has certainly helped me make my decision.


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    Such an informative review of Jaaxy, which incidentally use myself.

    Tried quite a few keyword research tools in the past and they were either too expensive or gave you every possible statistic available to man.

    With Jaaxy, you only get the important information and so simple to master.

    Thank you for sharing

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    The Jaaxy Keyword tool is certainly a powerful tool for using for SEO ranking and finding that Low Hanging Fruit Keywords. What keyword and QSR mix works best for you when you are searching.

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    I’ve been using Jaaxy for several months now and it’s really a great tool for keyword research! Do you see a lot of advantages to upgrade to a premium account, or is the starter package enough for the “normal” keyword research?

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