how to make money from home by writing a blog

How To Make Money From Home By Writing A Blog [2020 Update]

How To Make Money From Home By Writing A Blog [2020 Update]

Does blogging really help you in earning money? How do you start a blog and make money? Students, retired persons, passionate writers, and lots of other professionals claim that blogging has changed their lives. When you search for tutorials for blogging, you may find cookie-cutter advice. Some successful bloggers give generic instructions- Refine your writing skills, write something about your interests, be consistent, and develop good content.

These instructions may not always instill confidence in beginners. A novice blogger needs a comprehensive guide. The most important thing is that you are not simply a blogger. You are an entrepreneur. You have to think and work as the CEO of a company.

Now, let us discuss the topic – How to make money from home by writing a blog?

how to make money from home by writing a blog

Step 1 - Create Your Blogging Site

You may think it to be one of the easiest tasks. You need to choose a domain name, host your website, and design your blogging site.

Still, as a beginner, you have a chance of making mistakes. To help you in avoiding these mistakes, i have helped you with some tips.

To choose the best domain name, you may search for keywords. Jaaxy is one of the best tools to identify the most relevant keywords for your blog content and domain name of your blogging site. Then, you need a premium web hosting to host your website.

Moreover, you have to pay attention to the design of your blogging website. It is better to use drag-and-drop page builders to create your site. For instance, Elementor are one of the popular page builders helping you to save time with their useful features. What is more, with Astra Theme and several other plugins, you may create a unique and professional-looking blogging site. Do not overcomplicate the design to avoid confusion among your blog readers.

Some bloggers feel confident by undergoing training. I have good news for you and those who are still beginners in the world of blogging. Wealthy Affiliate offers both free training to its members. You may free sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, and get the best value from the training program for bloggers.

Step 2 - Pick The Best Niche For Your Blog

Now, it is the perfect time to uncover the most profitable blogging niche. Make a decision by asking a few questions to your readers.

  • Do I have professional experience and knowledge in the niche?
  • Have I engaged myself in the industry?
  • Will it be easy to leverage my skills to write profitable blogs?
  • Will other sites accept my guest posts seriously?

To develop a successful blog, your first step is to build influence and authority. You need to make the best efforts to reach your blog to the target audience and make new connections.

Your personal background will help much in blogging. For instance, when you are working as a photographer, you may have contacts with photography influencers. You may rely on those contacts to accelerate the development of a blog.

Step 3 - Publish The Best Content

Your blogging journey becomes highly challenging from this step. A substandard blog will get lost in the world of other blogs. However, quality blog content will help you to start a money making business. You must understand this fact to achieve success in your blogging. Superb content will be potential to draw traffic to your website and add credibility.

How do you make sure that it is the best content?

You do not always need to write a fully text-based blog. It may be infographics, videos, images, and audio. However, to get a high rank in Google’s SERP result, your content must focus on the text.

The best content has some other distinct characteristics

  • Unique
  • Free of grammatical and spelling mistakes
  • Insightful
  • Informative
  • Unbiased
  • Easy to interpret
Find a topic interesting to you and your readers

You have learned about the criteria of the best content. Now, you may easily make sure that you have developed the premium quality content for your blog.

When you have no passion for the blog topic, you may give it up before working on it.

To monetize your blog, you have to write about some new topics every week. What’s more, you must be interested in the topic, which is entertaining and helpful for others.

Note that to earn money from blogging, readers have to buy products or pay money for the advertisements. Thus, you must have a decent target audience to achieve this goal.

Step 4 - Take Steps To Get Organic Traffic

What do we mean by the term, organic traffic? Search engines, like Google, generate this organic traffic based on the search queries of internet users.

A user, typing his query in the search box, has some intent. He is searching for a solution to his problem or a product to make a deal. He uses his search terms that reflect his intent. Now, as a blogger, you can question- How will my blogs receive organic traffic?

To get a high conversion rate, you need to get a high volume of targeted organic traffic. By the term, conversion rate, we denote a few things.

  • Visitors will spend a longer time in your blogging site to read the blog content
  • They will subscribe to newsletters
  • They will purchase the product promoted through your blog

To reach these targets, you need to focus on SEO. Technical SEO is about the development of your blogging site. It indicates how you have optimized your blog for search engines. When you have chosen WordPress, it is SEO-friendly by default. Still, you need to check out other things, including-

  • Blog design
  • Schema Markups
  • XML Sitemap
  • Canonical URLs
  • Website Speed
  • Your blog page category optimization
  • Mobile-friendliness

You must also give importance to on-page SEO

  • Page description and titles optimization
  • Length of blog posts
  • Use of videos and images in your content
  • Proper formatting and headings
  • Internal linking
Off-page SEO for your blogs

So far, we have talked only about your webpage optimization. However, off-page SEO is also effective to promote your blogging site to make your content reachable to others. For off-page SEO, you must know some facts-

  • Search engines give more preference to websites, which get references from some other sites.
  • You have to establish your authority in the niche.

The most effective and popular off-page SEO technique is link building.

Link building is one of the ongoing campaigns, and your focus needs to be on the quality of links instead of the quantity. We have no rule on the number of links to be obtained to achieve a high rank. With guest posting and other techniques, you can make your link building campaign successful.

Step 5 - Monetizing Your Blog

Now, we will get into the topic – how can you make money with a blog?

  • Sell your own services and products

To get the highest profit from every deal, you can create your own products and sell it through your blogging site. Obviously, it is not an easy process, as it needs your determination and efforts to make products, which draw your readers’ attention. What products can you sell online? You may sell online course and eBooks. Before writing blogs and monetizing them, you have some homework to do.

      • What category of the product fits best to my blog?
      • Is there a high potential for purchasing the product?
      • How will I test the product before making it?


  • Earn money with affiliate marketing

When you think of earning money by selling others’ products, affiliate marketing is the right choice for you. You will get a commission with every successful sale from your blogging site.

Thus, start looking for products that you like to promote and enroll your name in the affiliate marketing program. Add banners and links in your blog and let your visitors click on the link to reach the eCommerce website.

Now, have a quick glance at some affiliate marketing tips.

      • Never promote services and products that you have not personally used. You must try your best to gain the trust of readers.
      • Google never likes blog websites, where the only purpose of bloggers is to earn money. Your site has to give the best value to your visitors.
      • Avoid overdoing something- You may recommend products in the blog content. However, you must not mention it several times.


  • Monetization with CPM and CPC ads

 Lots of bloggers make money with the placement of ads on their websites. Two major types of advertisements areCost per click and cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM).

 CPC ads are banners, placed by you on the blog content. Every time, the visitor clicks on it, you will get paid for it. CPM ads are advertisements that pay a fixed amount based on the number of views.

It is best to rely on Google AdSense to make money. For this AdSense program, there is no need to have direct communication with advertisers.

You have to place your banner ads on the website. Google chooses the relevant ads and then your blog readers will click on them.


  • Start selling private ads

When you need to sell ads, you do not always need to work with some advertising networks. If your website has started receiving a high amount of traffic, advertisers will directly request you to place their advertisements on your blogging website. Due to the absence of intermediary, you may set the advertisement rate in your own way.

There is a range of ways of earning money with these ads. For instance, you can make a one-time charge for placing ads. You have freedom of deciding on how you will charge your advertisers. Based on your choice, you may monetize your blogs in more than one way.


So…until right now you have heard a lot about the potential of earning money with blogging. Now, it is the time for implementing the idea. Lots of bloggers make money in a variety of ways. However, we have found one thing common to successful blogs. The reputed bloggers have composed quality content and built a community around their blogs. Most of them have used more than one way of earning money. But, they have taken years to make blogging the major source of income.


Yes, you can surely do that by developing lucrative blogs. However, the truth is that some bloggers fail to make their blogging successful. Lots of bloggers take a few months to earn money, while others need years to find noticeable results.

I cannot mention a particular amount for you. More than 30% of bloggers earn less than $10, while only a few bloggers make $1K to $10K every month. Your efforts and hard works will make a difference to your revenue from blogging.

Yes, based on your income, you may need to pay taxes. Tax liabilities are different depending on your income streams.

I have noticed different posting frequencies in successful blogs. Some blogs make frequent short posts, while others have a long post. You may create a schedule for posting your blog. For instance, you can think of publishing new blogs on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. As a beginner, you must maintain the schedule for a few years.

One of the advantageous things is that you may develop your blog within a short time without investing an amount. Although you have thought of vlogging and podcasting, you do not need complicated equipment to do it. However, you must invest your time to do it.

Everything depends on your blog topic and your target. One notable thing is that blogs, written in English, can reach a larger audience. Thus, when you target a global audience, you have to write your blogs in English.

Conversely, one of the merits of using your mother tongue is that you do not find a high competition.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed this topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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