SiteRubix Review 2020 – The Best Website Builder?

SiteRubix Review Summary

Product Name : SiteRubix (SR)
Founders : Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim
Product Type : Website Builder
Price : Free
Best For : Internet Marketer, Blogger, Online Business Owner
Overall Rating : 92/100
Recommend : Yes

Summary : SiteRubix is a platform simply for website development. It is not something you find in most standard website builders. SR is an advantageous in that it enable you to manage your site design and content in your own way.


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Do you have a brilliant idea of owning an online business? Have you thought of being an affiliate marketer? Yes, you do. Making money online is a fantastic concept. However, there is one and only fundamental rule for you – Having a customized website.

Needless to say, lots of website builders have claimed that their platforms let you create a site in a few seconds with drag-and-drop elements. To be honest, we do not like to beat around the bush with a list of several web builders. Continue reading this review to know about SiteRubix- one of the technically advanced website building platforms.

The Basic Details About SiteRubix - Is It The Right Choice For You?

Maybe, you have encountered SiteRubix for the first time. Before checking its features, you can instantly raise a question about its owner and developer.

First, let us share a fact with you –

The name, Wealthy Affiliate, is not uncommon to someone looking for affiliate marketing training. Founders of this training university have launched the powerful website builder, SiteRubix, in the year 2007. For building and hosting a site, you can rely on SiteRubix.

SiteRubix is best for both beginners and tech-savvy users. Thus, for testing the water, you can sign up for a free account in SiteRubix. It takes a few minutes to let your website go live and then you may stuff it with content.

To quote the words of SiteRubix users, we need to mention that it is simplistic, efficient, super-fast, and advanced. Now, in our views, why SiteRubix has won the race?

SiteRubix can amaze you with 3,000 free template themes to develop WordPress blogs and websites. Mind-blowing, right? You will learn more about other SiteRubix features.

Build Your Website - Have 100% Control Over It

It is not something we find in most of the standard website builders. Conversely, SiteRubix is advantageous in that it enables you to manage your site design and content in your own way.

Wix or Squarespace may have also presented you with a similar free website building platform. However, unlike SiteRubix, their banner ads are annoying. 

It is hard to find a free site builder with no ads. What’s more, you are the one to decide on how much time your website will remain in the free version. When you are no interested in your SiteRubix site, you can simply click on the Delete button or sell it to others.

Never Confuse SiteRubix With A Page Builder

SiteRubix is a platform simply for website development. Surely, you may have heard about content tools, including Page Builders, Divi Builder, Elementor, and Visual Composer. In some cases, page builders remain integrated into themes. Besides, as they add some more code layers to WordPress, you can find a slow page-loading speed.

Conversely, SiteRubix never affects the basic functions of your WordPress platform. You may simply use SiteRubix to develop the desired framework. You can then add content with the available WP functions. 

Making A Website Is A Breeze With Free Tools

Do you need a free keyword analysis tool to make your website SEO-friendly? SiteRubix offers something more than a keyword tool. We know that it sounds too good to be true. Still, it is the reality.

With every SiteRubix site, you will avail free WA starter account. Thus, you will have access to two training courses free of cost. From these courses, you will learn :

  • Building a WordPress website
  • Adding pages and posts
  • Indexing your site with Google to get more traffic
  • Connecting your website with Google Analytics and tools
  • Monetizing your site
  • And many more

These guides are available at free of cost.

SiteRubix boasts a range of features that make it an awesome website builder,

siterubix website builder feature

  • Site Manager

A Cpanel is not something that has missed your notice in any web building platform. For SiteRubix, SiteManager works as the Control Panel of users. It’s a place where you can find your website’s stats and automatically login to your site with a few clicks.

Access your site, manage it, and edit it- Whatever you do, SiteManager is the destination to you.

  • Site Content

Bloggers can save their time while searching for images for their blogs. The integrated database presents you with more than 1,000,000 free images. What’s more, those are automatically compressed images helping you to run your blogging site very fast. You do not need to be concerned about this compression technique.

Site Content enables you to…

          • Set your writing goals (the number of articles and words)
          • Check out writing stats
          • Make templates to write content access writing stats
          • Find vocabulary suggestions
          • Publish content to your site
          • Reveal your beautiful images
          • Check out the duplicity of content
  • Site Comments

When you are using SiteRubix, you can enjoy benefits from a comment exchange system. It ensures higher rankings and better user experiences.

You can turbocharge the rate of engagement with the use of this feature.

  • Site Feedbacks

Do you desire interacting with WA members? These members give you tips on how to refine your content, layout, and navigation.

  • Site Domains

It lets you buy domain names without leaving Wealthy Affiliate.  SR has given you a faster solution, as you do not need to add DNS details to connect your domain to WA’s web hosting. With domain registrations, you will enjoy privacy, as the registration details are not viewable to others.

The special feature, Site Domains, enables you to…

          • Search for domains and purchase them
          • Add a subdomain to your chosen domain
          • Transfer domain from a different registrar
          • Get DNS information

Site Domains is really the best addition to the website builder, SiteRubix.

  • Site Speed

siterubix website builder sitespeed

Wealthy Affiliate founders have added the feature, SiteSpeed, to their native website builder. What’s it about?

We are not techy guys to overload your mind with lots of technical terms about website speed. However, we have provided you with a gist of it.

As one of the superb website caching platforms, SiteSpeed accelerates your website speed by managing server-side things.

In other words, your website will wear a special suit to eliminate friction. With Google ranking juice and high power, SR is a Superman, loading your website very fast.

Nah..I Do Not Like .siterubix Extension? What To Do?

To establish a big business online, you have to build and own a website. SiteRubix is basically a platform for beginners, who need to test out everything of a web builder.

However, we think that eventually, you have to get a domain based on your business. It will help you to eliminate .siterubix from your website URL. Although web hosting costs high, we can acquire a custom domain name with minimal investment.

Note that with a premium membership of the WA University, you will have a free hosting solution.

Is Your SiteRubix Domain Transferable To Your Chosen Domain?

Yes of course, you can do that with a few steps. You may watch training videos of Wealthy Affiliate.

SiteRubix Web hosting

There is no need to search for a separate hosting service provider. Wealthy Affiliate presents you with a high-performance to host your free website. What’s more, you can prevent spam, malware, virus, and hacking problems from your SR site. Your website is now free of malicious activities, and your visitors will feel safe.

As one of the serious startups, you may have thought of building more than one niche website. At SiteRubix, you can host them on the managed WordPress hosting platform. When you have your own domain, you may host with up to 10 websites.

Free SSL Certificate

siterubix website builder site ssl

Will my visitors feel confident in entering their sensitive data to my site? Newbies always have this problem while choosing website builders.

When you have an encrypted website, it ensures that no hackers can hack confidential data.

You might have seen a small green lock adjacent to a site’s domain name. It indicates trust and security.

Lots of your competitors have paid more than $100 every year to get an SSL certificate. However, WA brings you a big smile by saving your buck. As one of the premium members of the WA training university, you will get it free of cost.

Note that since 2018, Google Chrome has labelled websites http websites as insecure. Thus, visitors will get warned and not enter these sites.

No one wants to be left behind forever, and that’s why WA’s SSL certificate is an attraction to potential online entrepreneurs. 

Anti-Spam System - A Strong Shield To Protect Your Site

siterubix website builder site anti spam

Unwanted messages make our inboxes cluttered. Unnecessary comments can clog our sites. No one has patience and time to filter through these spam messages to receive legit and genuine comments.

Then, what is the best solution?

SiteRubix comes with a SiteProtect feature while Akismet and other plugins have turned out to be premium options. Akismetintercepts your visitor’s comments and sifts through them by comparing them with the biggest spam index in this world. Moreover, Akismet ensures that it prevents 99% of spams in your website.

But, you do not need to pay for this plugin. WA hosting helps you by activating anti-spam system at the server level. Thus, there is no chance of having spam in your website.

SiteRubix Reduces Your Concern About The SERP Ranking

Average website builders come with a fundamental issue. Free website can never get a high rank in Google. Now, it’s the right time to get out of this concept with SiteRubix.

Although you are a free SiteRubix user, your website has definitely a chance to achieve the desired rank.

In fact, with minimal efforts, you can find a better status within a few months. So, drive your website traffic with SiteRubix.

Strong Support 24/7 Assistance To Manage Your Website Problems

Plugin issue? Design-related complications? 404 Errors? Any other problem? Never fret alone.

SiteRubix has a responsive and dedicated team to help you to solve your issue.

As one of the SiteRubix website owner, you have created your Wealthy Affiliate account. From this account, you may access your Support System.

Believe it or not, the standard response time of this team is 3 minutes.

Start with Starter Membership - Move To A Premium One

Never feel stressed with SiteRubix pricing scheme.

SiteRubix presents you with two free websites with useful training and tools from Wealthy Affiliate. However, while comparing the functionality with the version, we have found some limitations of the freebie site. Eliminate those limitations by upgrading your site to premium packages. What’s more, you can purchase .NET, .ORG, and .COM domain for your site. Make your website super profitable. We think that the 6 – 12 months package ensures high savings.

Free SiteRubix  VS  Free WordPress

Of course, both WordPress and SiteRubix provide you with free services. As one of the WordPress enthusiasts, you can raise a query – Why should I go for SiteRubix?

When WordPress has some limitations, SiteRubix is there to rescue you.

Number of WordPress themes, available for you, is 181. Conversely, SiteRubix draws your attention with 2500 themes. WordPress free version is not free of ads. In case of WordPress, you need to upgrade your package to Business Plan to use any third-party ad platform. However, SiteRubix does not impose strict restrictions on your use, and its website usage policy is acceptable.

So...Should You Choose SiteRubix?

To sum up, SiteRubix is a comprehensive website building platform with tools and tutorials. What we liked most is that you may create your site without any commitment. We hope that SiteRubix may become a game changer in its niche. You have to simply enter your website name and see the availability of this name. When SiteRubix has confirmed it, you can continue editing your site. Wealthy Affiliate’s starter training is another resource for beginners. Although we have done an honest review, it is better to have a personal walk-through.


You can develop your site at free of cost without using a credit card. With Starter membership, Wealthy Affiliate enables you to create your site easily. (sign up here)

As you are not buying the domain, you will find in your domain name, example

However, to eliminate it, you have to purchase a domain.

You may wait a few seconds to develop the site and let it go live for visitors. You do not need to wait for days to make your website visible to others.

While most of the free website builders contain ads, SiteRubix offers you an ad-free platform.

This site enables you to control email accounts connected to SiteRubix. You may add any number of email accounts and forward those accounts to some other services.

Yes, you can avail the first 10 lessons free of cost. You will learn fundamentals of website building from these lessons.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed this topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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