How Do You Start A Successful Blog And Make Money In 2020 – Free And Super Easy

Business articles and blogs have become a formidable part of our society and culture so much so that the number of bloggers is rising steadily across the world. The business demand for bloggers is changing at a rapid pace, making it imperative for them to adapt to the newer demands of their audiences and improvise their content.

Let us learn in detail about the world of writing blogs, how to start a successful blog and how it can be exploited to make your first dollar online with the easy steps. More important it is free to start.

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How To Start A Successful Blog Game?

If you are someone who has learned a bit about SEO, you would know that when you start down the path to blogging, it’s a long and windy road ahead. The technical aspect of blogging alone demands you to grip on a large amount of information and concepts. These concepts need to be integrated with the creative aspect of blogging for it to pay dividends. The learning curve is quite steep.

But as we all know and acknowledge, quitters never fail. Hence those who start a blog and never quit, do manage to make amends and a whole lot of income. It doesn’t happen overnight like all good things but if the right amount of hard work is put in smartly, blogging appears to be one of the best online professions which can bring in money.

So...How Do You Start A Blog?

If all the negative aspects failed to pull you down and you have made inroads into the world of blogging, you must learn how to do it right. And as all good endeavors, this one needs a great start as well. There are lots of blogging platforms on the Internet, such as the populare one, WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Tumblr and many more. You have other options, and each of them is as good a platform, to begin with as the others. For me, i will recommend wordpress. So let’s get started, shall we?

Determine your niche

Your blog need a niche before anything else, and that is the first thing you need to ascertain and work upon. Most bloggers have this one selected before they start, but a few try to figure it out as they move ahead. But however they plan it, the niche has to be determined at the earliest. Here are some of the most popular niches you can consider with…

  • Technology – Smartphone, Laptop, Camera, Accessories & Supplies
  • Parenthood – Baby care, Family activities, Family relationship, Family Health
  • Education – Teaching, Childhood education, Education resources
  • Travel – Travel writing, Adventure, Budget Travel, Solo Travel, Family Travel
  • Gaming – Mobile game, PC game, Portable game
  • Product review – Digital product, Physical product, Online course
  • Finance – Personal finance, Investment, Wealth management, Financial risk management
  • Health & Fitness – Male and female exercise, Diet, Weight loss
  • Recipes – Food, Drinks
  • Internet Marketing – Affiliate Marketing, Drop-Shipping, Social Media

Then, you have to ask yourself, “Why should I write a blog?” What you are writing about is essential in carving out your reader base. The information you provide through your blog decides which specific industry you will be catering to.

There would be a common disagreement regarding starting a blog on a common topic such as playing a popular instrument. Still, you must remember the following…

  • When you share or promote something to your readers, that have to be your honest feeling and you are truely using the product by yourself.
  • The first thing to comprehend is that your blog’s popularity is limited to the entire global audience that understands your language.
  • Some unique subjects won’t probably attract a large audience.
  • Your blogs must target mass appeal to rake in the moolah.
  • Starting with a small target audience won’t help. You got to think of something that at least can grow on people shortly.


Get your blog a domain name

Once you have carved out a niche for your blog, your next aim would be putting up those articles and monetize it to start making money. But there is an intermediate step that is equally important, which is zeroing in on a great domain name.

Domain names have gained great popularity these days with all other sorts of newer extensions up for grabs. Yet, our recommendation would be to stick to the age-old .com extension, like my website The best thing is your domain name can related to your niche, so you use a little bit time to search keywords. Because in some cases, old ways are the best. If you cannot find one through a regular Google search, try online domain auctioneers such as Jaaxy and SiteRubix. You can use Jaaxy to search for your domain name keywords and SiteRubix can create your domain name.

Even then, if you cannot find a suitable .com domain for yourself, then the next best options would be any other extensions except the ones that are country-specific such as .in or .us. Other domain extensions simply cannot garner the same global awareness as a simple .com domain extension can.

A few essential things to keep in mind while choosing the domain name

  • Make sure that you choose a short domain name, preferably within three words of 15-20 characters. Google doesn’t prefer longer domain names.
  • Also, ensure that you don’t use any hyphenations in your domain name as they indicate spams.
  • You can also try to include a keyword-relevant to your niche within your domain name. This would provide you an added SEO advantage down the line.

Select the right  web hosting  provider

Selecting the right hosting provider for your blog account is the next crucial task. The problem with this task is that there are tons of good options available online, which makes you spoilt for choice.

At here, i recommend you one free web hosting, still SiteRubix. You can signup for free account with totally zero risk. If you are beginner and just want to try out new stuff, that’s a good choice for you. To get paid by writing a blog, you need to choose premium packages of a reliable blogging platform, like SiteRubix hosted by Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealth Affiliate enables you to create a website with its tool SiteRubix. If you are Premium members may create up to 10 websites, and their package includes hosting price. In fact, WordPress is presently working together with WA members to develop a solid base for online businesses owners and bloggers.

With website monitoring tools, domain registration services, SSL certificate, and keyword research tools, Wealth Affiliate can be the best choice. However, mostly affiliate marketers prefer it to develop their blogging site. To learn something valuable, you can rely on Wealthy Affiliate tutorials. May check out here how you can create a free website to start your blog.

how to start a successful blogIf you doesn’t like SiteRubix, here are few options i can recommend to you, Why? Because they also recommended by WordPress.

Still doesn’t like it? Then you have to go through Google search for others options “best web hosting providers”. Might be another option at your disposal but be wary of sponsored articles that might lead to an incorrect decision making from your end. Your hosting account provider would actually serve as your partner for your blogging journey; hence the decision is pretty much up to your due diligence and wise decision-making abilities.

I can suggest a few important features that have to be reviewed while selecting the web hosting provider.

  • The primary is the uptime provided by the hosting company. Look for reviews pertaining to uptime issues or how consistent their uptime is and whether they stick to their promised uptime.
  • Also, look for the optimum security options valid for your blogging domain. The budget is the final straw that would determine the right account provider for your hosting domain.

After you have create your first website, most of the times you will be provided some WordPress plugins by your hosting providers, which can be beneficial to you because of the ease of installation and usage of WordPress. At that time, you can start to enhance your web page with theme and page builder. You could start off with Astra theme and Elementor page builder. For starters, you wouldn’t really need a high capacity account, so choose a flexible yet light in your pocket option that covers all your necessities perfectly.

For plugins, here i will recommend some of it that i personally using on my website…

Free Plugins

Paid Plugins

Here are the places to get More Themes, Templates and Resources for your blog…

Overwhelmed? It’s ok, you no need to use all the plugin like me, especially for beginners. There are more than 50000 plugin for you to enjoy. Free plugins can follow like mine, paid plugins can wait until you familiar with your website then you can invest them slowly.


Focus your content on keywords

Writing keyword specific content is one of the most vital steps in getting your SEO game right. You must write a great deal, but they should be able to maintain focus on your niche and related keywords.

When you are aiming to earn big bucks through your content writing, you must learn and apply a lot of rules related to SEO. Adhering to all SEO guidelines might become a bit overwhelming for a content writer, especially in the beginning. But the thumb rule of keyword adherence can never be breached.

Even if in the first few months you do not get sufficient traction for your tremendous writing efforts, you must not stray from your course. You have to create a schedule for your blog content and stick to it throughout. Just ensure that the keywords are used properly amidst your articles and content.

Never compromise quality for quantity and ensure that all your posts are relevant to your readers and maintain the nuances of your niche, all the while being keyword centered.

Here are the free tools that you can use to search your keywords, Jaaxy and Google Keyword Planner.


Use videos and images

Using images and videos throughout your blogs are also a great way to enhance your SEO game. Videos boost your SEO largely, and images also make your content search relevant. But ensure that relevant images and videos are used and not any images just for the sake of it.

If you can get your readers to stick to your content and read actively, then it would come to Google’s notice. They would calculate the engagement level with respect to time spent on an average basis, exit rate, bounce rate, and other important aspects.


Use Google Analytics

Installing and using an analytics system is also an effective way to keep your blogging going strong. For beginners, Google Analytics can prove to be a great option. It is very simple in terms of setting up. After creating an analytics account, install an analytics plugin such as Google Tag Manager plugin for configuring and linking all content together.

Analyzing and tracking all your blogging work is a vital task, and you won’t be able to achieve that without the help of good analytic service. Setting this up properly ensures that you can gauge the capacity of all your marketing efforts and how they are panning out in the online market.


Decide on the right income stream

No matter how much you effort you put on it, your blogs won’t start making money instantly. You need the right audiences and the right amount of saturation to gain the desired traffic, and that takes up time. Yet you must decide how you are going to get paid by writing a blog before you start making them.

Picking an income stream is vital, and that too the correct one. You can become an affiliate, you can sell eBooks, and you can bring in ads and even sell products. Or it can be a mixture of all the above. This decision becomes instrumental in determining the fate of your blog.Ads won’t help you much unless you manage to bring in a lot of traffic.

Affiliate Marketing  is my top recommend and might be the best hope for you to make money. You can check up what is affiliate marketing and how to get started and it will connect to Wealthy Affiliate. You can get the best affiliate programs in online platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate itself, which would help your cause further. Selling eBooks or products online can also turn out to be beneficial, provided you are selling the right ones.


Construct a value ladder as well as a sales funnel

A value ladder and sales funnel are additional supplements that ensure that the cash inflow continues once you have started down the path of content blogging.

  • First, set up an email marketing strategy through online websites such as GetResponse and ensure you have lots of subscribers to back you up. Assign a lucrative free offer that audiences cannot refuse and give up their email addresses in exchange of.
  • Next, create the value ladder through which you will determine what digital products you will sell next and for how much.

Your sales will help you market all these activities while you earn cash in a passive manner.


Utilize social media marketing properly

The era of connectivity has given us effective tools for marketing in the form of social media websites. If you want to earn a lot through blogging, you have to make your presence felt in social media. Use the perks of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram among other platforms and get more people to acknowledge your blogs through likes and shares and comments. Your virtual presence is as important as your physical one when it comes to blogging.

What Are You Waiting For...?

So the secret to becoming a successful and make money at blogging, like any other profession, is you commitment. How much effort and hard work you put it then get as much as you work hard. If you manage to follow the above guidelines properly, the chances that you will succeed in earning your first dollar online through your blog will be bigger. You have to combine hard work with smart thinking in order to pull this one off.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed this topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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