How To Start Affiliate Marketing With A Blog – You Can Get Started [2020 Update]

Have you already spent several hours to set up a blogging site and write quality blogs? Now, you have started looking for a passive source of income from your blogs. I know that you have encountered lots of techniques to make money from blogging. However, i welcome you to read this guide if you have chosen affiliate marketing as a way of making money.

start affiliate marketing with a blog

Lots of novice bloggers make a question – Is it the right time to engage in affiliate marketing program?

The shortest answer for you is that,

You must make sure that your blogging site has started achieving a good rank in the natural search result of Google. Then, you can proceed to become an affiliate marketer.


I will show you the steps for successful affiliate marketing with a blog. However, before that, we want to introduce you to an affiliate marketing training program. We are sure that beginners will get interested in it.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has hosted free and functional training courses, mainly for bloggers and affiliate marketers. However, its training is also useful for those who need to build an enterprise-level website. What’s more, WA has its own website builder, known as SiteRubix, with an easy-to-use interface and several features. From the Wealthy Affiliate’s training program, you will learn-

  • How to start a blog with easy steps
  • Tips for building a fully functional website with website builder, SiteRubix
  • Ways to simplify affiliate marketing with the best tricks
  • How to place your affiliate links rightly
  • Methods to track your website performance
  • How to search for traffic-generating keywords with keywords research tool, Jaxxy

You will learn lots of other things based on your package of WA training program.

Affiliate Marketing – Get a basic idea about it

how affiliate marketing work

To say shortly, affiliate marketing refers to a method for blog monetization. Product manufacturers and sellers incentivize bloggers for promoting products and persuading potential customers to make a deal. As buyers click on the referral link and purchase products, bloggers get a commission.

The idea of receiving commissions for triggering a sale is not new. However, affiliate marketing is the modern interpretation of this traditional idea.

Affiliate products are of varying types-

  • Digital downloads– They are online assets, like PDFs, video files, and eBooks. By clicking on your links, readers will get access to these resources.
  • Professional services– You can promote some type of services through your blogs.
  • Online courses– They are the best digital products for bloggers. You may encourage students to sign up for online training courses. You will also get high commissions with these affiliate programs.
  • Ecommerce stores– These are very common choices of affiliate marketers. You have to promote some physical products by writing blogs to attract the target audience.

Now, let us delve into the topic – how to do affiliate marketing with a website.

Starting a blog is the first step

Although you have already created your blogging site, we cannot skip this step. You need to use a good quality theme and a premium page builder, like Astra Theme and Elementor Page Builder, to develop a blogging platform. Those are currently using on my website. But this is just an option, you can still choose your own good.

Lots of companies, running affiliate programs, make sure that you have developed a website or blog. The presence of a blogging site helps you in establishing authority on the niche. It also ensures that you are not a spammer. Thus, to get the approval of the chosen company, you need to set up a blog first and then sign up for the affiliate marketing program.

Choosing the niche and relevant products for Affiliate Marketing

Most of the bloggers take time to browse through affiliate marketing niche ideas. Some of the commonly chosen niches are,

  • Health and wellness
  • Wealth and money
  • Hobby-based (arts and crafts)
  • Home decor
  • Technology
  • Parenthood
  • Education
  • Travel
  • Gaming
  • Product review
  • Recipes

Here are some tips on how to pick products and services from the best niche.

  • Know your hobbies, passion or topics that inspire you
  • Find the best niche-related products after joining the affiliate program.
  • Refer to product’s review, recurring commissions , sales funnel ladder
  • Product offering a money-back guarantee to let readers buy them confidently

Choose keywords for blog readers with different intents

To trigger affiliate sales, your first task is to ensure that you have attracted the right target audience to your blog. However, how will you make out that your blog understands the readers’ intention and drives the valuable traffic? You may have chosen Google as the source of the traffic to your blogging site. Then, the majority of this traffic will have an investigational intent.

We have found user intents of four types-

  • Navigational- Users look for a particular site and navigate it for their purposes.
  • Transactional- Some users have already decided to purchase a new product.
  • Informational- These users look for solutions to their queries
  • Investigational- Users look for information, which ultimately leads them to a transaction.

As you are an affiliate marketer, you have to rank your blogging site for investigational keywords. The target audience, using those keywords, is not ready to buy your product. Most of these potential buyers think of reading product reviews and comparing products to decide on the deal. You may have noticed that successful affiliate marketers’ blogs with investigational keywords use terms, like How to, Best, Alternative, Compare, and Review.

Place the chosen keywords properly

Proper keyword usage is one of the most important steps for effective affiliate marketing for bloggers.

  • Add keywords to your header tags, Meta description, and title tags
  • Avoid a highly keyword-stuffed content
  • Use the right keywords for the alt tag and filename of every image. Do not insert spaces, underscores, and capital letters
  • Google gives more focus on the anchor text, and thus, you have to choose a relevant keyword for internal linking.

Insert affiliate links rightly

While you are adding affiliate links to your blog content, we have some tips for you-

  • The clickable words and phrases have to be highly visible to your readers. They must look better than simple links.
  • Do not insert several links. It is best to stick to two links for every blog.
  • Use bold fonts for formatting the linked words.
  • Links have to look professional and neat. You may use link shorteners for this purpose.

Write helpful and fresh content

Your blog content may have passed Copyscape’s standards. However, you have to do something more to grab readers’ attention. The most compelling content has the potential to encourage readers to buy your product.

Plagiarism-free blog content is a rule of Google. However, your focus has to be on your readers’ needs. Your resourceful content must also be entertaining to readers. 

Write unbiased product review

Product reviews are one of the common parts of affiliate marketers’ blogs. You are not directly selling the product, and thus, you must not force your readers to buy it. You have to be genuine while writing the review. A little interest in the product will help you to write an effective review.

However, while mentioning the upsides of products, you must find out their downsides. It is the best way to gain the trust of your blog readers. Do not make sales pitches to write any review. When you find a high bounce rate, you may need to check your blog quality.

 Review articles of your website introduce readers to the product. Moreover, they reveal your opinions about the product to guide readers. I have some tips on writing these product reviews-

  • Write about every detail of the product and add relevant images.
  • Use a personal tone for writing the review.
  • Focus on the number of comments and star ratings to compose the review piece.

NOTED : The better way is you personally buy and use the product that you are reviewing or promoting. People will truely feel out they are reading the real content.

Write some How-To articles

In most cases, “how-to” articles are important while you have chosen digital products (like software). Easily comprehensible tutorials and guides work best for promoting affiliate products. Your instructions have to give a clear guide to your blog readers. Moreover, these tutorials will enable you to get better rankings in the SERP results.

Add Call-To-Action button to your blogs

A Call-To-Action (CTA) drives your blog readers to click on the right button to make a deal. Based on your blog niche, the CTA button can ask your readers to book hotels, buy products, sign up for some services, and do any other activity. Make sure that you have not included more than one CTA for a page.

Add Discount Codes

Buyers always look for ways to save money in every deal. That is why you can add the latest available discount codes while writing your blogs. With the product name, you may include this discount code, and that will become the best marketing incentive for your affiliate marketing blogs. However, although your customers are getting discounts, it will not affect your commission. That is a win win situation.

Banner Ads must be on the sidebar

Your blog has started receiving the targeted traffic. Now, this is the right time to place banner ads. I think that banner clicks can trigger conversation. Thus, the proper placement of banners is highly essential.

However, most of the bloggers make the mistake of adding several banners. Finally, they confuse their readers. The best rule for you is to avoid placing banners for similar products on the sidebars. For instance, when you are writing WordPress blogging tips, you may place banner advertisements for Hosting, Plugins, and Themes.

Another common mistake of affiliate marketers is to link the ad to the review post instead of the website.

Thus, you must learn these tips to place your banner ads rightly.

Build a Email lists of your website visitors

When you have designed your blogging website for affiliate marketing, you can track email addresses of readers in a range of ways. You can-

  • Give them free trials
  • Ask them to sign up for free video tutorials
  • Encourage them to download your free eBooks

Most of the first-time visitors may not sign up and provide their email address. However, while they have submitted the email address, you may maintain regular contact with them.

When you are sending emails, you can embed affiliate links into them.

Use graphics for highlighting in-post messages

It is one of the best tricks for writing blogs for affiliate products. There are plugins to add quotes, buttons, and highlighted words. You can ensure that readers are seeing your message.

What are you thinking right now?

I have provided you with a guide on starting affiliate marketing with a blog. You can now look for the best affiliate programs to promote products and services. However, you must be patient and wait for the result of your hard works and efforts. It takes time to build a blog and earn money from affiliate products.


Yes. For network marketing, you engage yourself in a franchise business. There is an upfront cost for this marketing. However, in case of affiliate marketing, the chosen company will give you commission for the sale.

They are similar to ordinary cookies, as they track data of your affiliate account. Thus, you receive credits while your website visitors click on your link and buy a product.

Merchants provide it to the publisher. This Product Data Feed indicates attributes of products, organized in a way that buyers may make their decision. With Product Data Feed, you will find it easy to promote products to your website visitors.

Affiliate marketing is one of the logical sales models, creating multiple streams of revenues. However, to get success, you must analyze website traffic patterns and research into products.

There is no single rule for achieving success as an affiliate marketer. However, you can read our guide and be consistent in your blogging. Learn more about products that you are promoting.

Yes, you may create a business page on Facebook and post your affiliate links. But, you have to check out Terms of Service of your chosen affiliate program.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed this topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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