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Themify Builder Review – One Of The World Lead WordPress Page Builder in 2020?

Themify Builder Review - One Of The World Lead WordPress Page Builder in 2020?

Have you become tired of searching for the right option from the limited WordPress themes? Although WordPress themes help you to develop your site very fast, you may not find them to be a versatile option. WordPress website owners always want to have control over their sites to make stunning pages and create attractive posts. To get the opportunity to customize your WordPress pages, you can look for pager builders. While hunting for WordPress page builders, a number of names can come up in front of you. When you have no time to analyze their features, you can simply read our review. Here, we will present you with a detailed review of Themify Builder.

Themify Builder Review Summary

Product Name : Themify Builder
Website :
Product Type : WordPress page builder
Price : Free and Premium (Single theme-$59, Master Club-$89, Lifetime Club-$249)
Best For : Freelancers, Web designers, and Bloggers
Overall Rating : 95/100
Recommend : Yes

Summary : Themify Builder is a reliable page builder with lots of plugins and add-ons. The page elements are easy to use to create websites.

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Themify Builder – Know About Its Basic Details

Themify Builder is one of the drag-and-drop WordPress page builders, equipped with different tools and features to adjust your website. While using the editing features, you will have the live preview facility. Moreover, this intuitive and user-friendly page builder is best for those having no coding skill.

With this Themify Builder, it is easy for you to create responsive web pages that are compatible with mobile and desktop screen.

Let us share some interesting facts about the founders of Themify.

Nick La and Darcy Clarke are co-founders of Themify, released in 2010. Themify is said to be the most appreciated theme sellers. The aim of Themify founds was to create attractive WordPress themes with potential plugins. Moreover, you can buy its plugins and themes individually. In other words, Themify retains its position in the shop of WordPress themes. 

Primarily, Themify started its journey as simply a WordPress club. You need to pay a flat fee to get access to its plugins and themes. It is a common option for those who have multiple sites to buy WordPress products.

A Detailed Assessment of Themify Builder – To Help You Choose The Right Page Building Tool

themify builder

  • More than one mode of editing your site

While reviewing other WordPress page builders, we have found that most of them offer either front-end or back-end editing solution. Website owners cannot get the best out of these two edit modes.

However, Themify Builder plugin has added a value, as you find both these modes to develop a website. With a few clicks, you can switch between these two modes at any time.

When you have chosen the back-end website edit mode, you will find modules, easy to drag and drop to your canvas to create a new design. What’s more, you may add page dividers, buttons, rows, and different other things. Organize those elements in any way you desire.

After dealing with the basic website layout, you may click on the front-end editing mode. You will get a chance to modify backgrounds, border of page elements, and fonts. Front-end mode gives you a view of what is seen by your website visitors. Thus, you will have a clear idea of your website design.


  • Columns and Rows – Create responsive layouts and reuse them

You can claim that row and column design is something traditional. However, this feature of Themify Builder enables you to create several horizontal rows for your webpage. Then, you can adjust them based on the position of columns. Rows and columns enable you to create any grid.

Nowadays, as most of your potential customers come from mobile platforms, you have to assess the grid design from their perspective. Responsive Grid is one of the features presented by Themify Builder.

For instance, you may choose 4-column setup for desktop users, while, a 1-column arrangement is best for mobile interface. It ensures that you have made your webpage responsive and compatible with any device.

One of the best facts is that layout parts of Themify Builder are reusable. That is why you will save your precious time while constructing the WordPress website. For instance, you think of displaying a particular content in different pages and in multiple sections of a page. In most cases, you will find the use of this feature while displaying contact details and logo.

You have to save the important page component as your page layout part. At any time, you may use a shortcode to insert it to any spot of your website.

However, you will still find an option for modifying your contact information, brand, and other types of content. Choose the Layout Part module for automatic update of the content.


  • Import pre-made layouts and customize them

themify builder layouts

A big collection (over 140) of layouts is one of the major reasons for choosing Themify Builder. Themify page builder presents you with beautiful pre-designed layouts to let you start designing your site. You may import any of the available layouts to make a unique site. However, there is also an option of creating custom layouts by applying your creativity. Save those unique designs to use them in the future.
How will you import a pre-set web design?

        • Go to Builder Toolbar, and from there, you can click on Layouts.
        • Hit the option – Load Layouts
        • Choose the layout thumbnail
        • Import custom layouts created previously


  • Theme compatibility

Lots of web developers think that drag-and-drop builders may not work smoothly with their chosen website plugins. Compatibility problems can result in a negative effect on the website functionality and aesthetics.

astra theme

Thanks to the dedicated team of Themify, this page builder works with most of the plugins. To confirm the claim of Themify, we have tested it with popular themes, like Astra (my recommended theme for blog). I have not found complications while using them.

From my review, i can say that Themify Builder is a superb choice to let it work with other plugins, including WooCommerce, WPML, MailChimp, Yoast SEO and many more.

One of the demerits of Themify Builder is that there is no blank template for you. Thus, you have to ensure that your chosen themes must have options for the full-width layout development.


  • Underlayer code

Themify Builder enables you to deal with lots of features, including

        • Cache system

The page builder has a unique cache system to control the use of server resources. It also helps in processing the page very fast.

        • Modular based

Themify Builder has a modular design, ensuring the best level of performance of your website. The system loads files and resources while you are using them.

        • SEO-friendly

As you are developing content with your Page Builder, you can make it SEO-friendly. The search engine can crawl it easily.

        • Multi-site support

The page builder is capable of working on both single and multi-site networks. Thus, you may rely on this Builder to manage several websites.

        • Translate-able

The localized code of the Builder with WordPress standards enables you to translate your web content into some other language.


  • Custom styling and Animations

Customization options for Themify page builder users are not limited to changing the fonts and colors. There are more than 60 animation effects available for your website. The most popular ones are

What is more, you will find custom styling options to let you use row overlay, slider background, and video background. You may also prefer Google fonts, parallax scrolling, and color picker.


  • Content modules in a Big Library

Add modules and page elements to the layout-

          • Posts
          • Text
          • Video
          • Widgetized sidebar
          • Menus
          • Widgets (third party active widgets on your website)
          • Sliders (video, content, and image)
          • Gallery
          • CTAs
          • Image

Each of the modules is customizable to transform the overall look and function of your website.

You have also an option of buying Builder Addons to add more features to your website. Some of these add-ons are-

        • Mosaic – It helps in creating custom tile layouts for blog posts, photo galleries, eCommerce products, and several other things.
        • Slider Pro – Create attractive sliders with animation and transition effects
        • Maps Pro – It includes different custom icons and markers, and tooltips with more than forty map styles.
        • Typewriter – You can display text with prominent typing animation
        • Pricing Table – It is the best add-on to create responsive and perfect pricing table.
        • Themify Tiles – Use tiles to develop Windows 8 Metro layouts.
        • Bar Chart – It helps in creating bar graphs.
        • Content Restriction – You can restrict module content depending on WordPress user roles


  • Updates and performance

The changelog of Themify Builder reveals you the newly added features. The major focus of Themify is on the compatibility and bug resolution. Themify releases its updates after every few months or weeks.


  • Documentation and customer assistance

Although we are writing the review for the page builder, Themify has different other products. That is why they have created a big forum for your convenience.

There is also a team of representatives to help you. However, you can find several tickets at the time of making requests, and you need to wait for a month to get the response. Thus, we think that the forum is the right choice to avail the best help.

Pricing Of Themify Builder

themify builder price

You can download the free Themify page builder version and use it for your purpose. It is also usable with any of your chosen themes. However, there are different pricing schemes for Builder Add-ons, Builder Pro, Themes, the Lifetime Club or Master Club.

The Builder add-on presents you with more than 25 elements and it increases the builder plugin functionality. To get this add-on, you have to pay $39.

The Themify Themes have an integrated page Builder and the yearly charge to get it is $59.

themify builder master club

#My recommend is The Master club option, which costs $89 per year. It offers you the above advantages with

  • More than 42 Premium themes
  • 25 Builder Add-ons
  • 12 Plugins
  • And Many More

There are also new themes and plugins with the Master Club.

You may also choose the Lifetime Club package by paying a one-time fee of $249, and no more yearly recurring.

Pros & Cons Of Themify Builder

Does Themify Builder Is Your Right Choice?

Themify Builder has created a positive impression with its bundle of features. However, while compared with SiteRubix, the product of Wealthy Affiliate, we have found that Themify Builder must make some improvements. The team of Themify is constantly trying to refine the page builder with updates. We hope that you will find something better in the future.


Builder shortcuts help in increasing your business productivity and saving you time. For instance, by pressing Cmd and S, you can save modifications done with the Builder. While you have kept your lightbox opened, you have to hit the escape key. Similarly, Cmd + C is the shortcut to copy the chosen module.

With the renewal of membership, you have to make sure that you are using the latest theme version. You will also get framework updates, ensuring compatibility with the WordPress framework.

While you have bought the Themify theme, you will get the Themify Builder Plugin in this package. You may also have its free version with non-Themify themes. Moreover, you may become a member of the Master Club to use additional tools and 42 themes.

You can choose Free Themify Builder while you need to use your current theme with the page builder. Ultra Theme, offering Builder plugin, is best for those, who look for a new theme. However, to design the layout of a new theme, you may prefer Themify Builder Pro.

You can find the element menu from the dashboard. Drag it simply to any side of your screen to lock it. You may also close the menu and reactivate it by pressing the plus icon.

You need to check out the validity of your membership and potential errors at the time of inputting your credentials.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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