Visual Composer Review 2020 – A Genuine Review Of Its Worthy

Visual Composer Review 2020

A Genuine Review Of Its Worthy

Visual Composer Review Summary

Product Name : Visual Composer
Website :
Product Type : WordPress Page Builder
Price : Free and Premium (1 Site license $49/yr, 3 Sites license $99/yr, 1000 Sites license $349/yr)
Best For : Web designers, Bloggers, Freelancers or Internet Marketers
Overall Rating : 88/100
Recommend : Yes

Summary : Visual Composer is a user-friendly website builder with lots of templates, page elements, and add-ons. With different premium packages, it is easy to find the right choice for developing websites.


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Have you already become impressed with the easy-to-learn editing interface of WordPress? However, while creating content and managing web pages, you will find that the default WordPress editor is too much simplified. That is why most of us hunt for some better alternatives. Here, you can find the importance of page builders or website builders. The best page builder plugins present you with a feature-rich, visually attractive, and highly intuitive editing interface. Based on the popularity, functionality, and overall value, i have found Visual Composer as one of the reliable plugins.

WordPress has imposed lots of restrictions on how much modifications can be done to the overall look and layout of the content. What’s more, you may need to add several features to your site. How can you do that with a default WordPress editor? Visual Composer is one of the best website building tools to resolve your problems.

You may have learned coding and programming skills to build a website. However, in that case, it is tedious to jump into complicated codes every time you add new UI elements and change styling options.

More often than not, we hear some words of advices – We have to work hard to reach our target. Although hard working is appreciable, we must look for a smarter solution. Now, in the world of WordPress website building, Visual Composer is the smartest choice. Without technical and design knowledge, you can make your website a fully functional digital platform.

Visual Composer - A Basic Idea About This Website Builder

Like any other web builder, Visual Composer comes with a drag-and-drop interface to transform the way of working with WordPress. With proper content management and visual hierarchy, you can set up your website. This tool saves your time to deal with different parts of the web design.

From Visual Composer to WPBakery Page Builder - A Rebranding Journey

Previously called as Visual Composer, WPBakery Page Builder is an original WP page builder. Since the release of WPBakery Page Builder, it has turned out to be a popular WordPress page builder plugin in CodeCanyon.

In 2017, we found the rebranding approach of Visual Composer to take the name WPBakery Page Builder. Interestingly, the team has used the trademark of Visual Composer has been applied for a different venture- a feature-rich website building tool Visual Composer.

You can buy the original webpage builder from CodeCanyon. However, the newly created Visual Composer is available from the official site.

Now, you can raise a question- Why had the company renamed the plugin when it has a considerable market share?

We have found the reasons for selling Visual Composer as a different product.

In 2011, CodeCanyon launched the original version of the Visual Composer plugin. Since that year, we have noticed many evolutions in the WordPress market and the page builder. However, from the perspectives of UX, there was no difference in the old Visual Composer version.

This plugin had lots of Themeforest themes, and that’s why it could be a mess to revamp it fully.

Instead of revamping it, the team had released a new product (Visual Composer Website Builder) on their site.

How WPBakery Page Builder Different From Visual Composer Website Builder?

WPBakery Page Builder is capable of working only on the website content. Moreover, it is equipped with several custom add-ons and WordPress themes.

Conversely, the technologically advanced website builder, Visual Composer, enables you to make a full-featured website with its cool features. It helps you to work on custom page layouts, headers, and footers. Visual Composer is not available from third-party plugin marketplaces. You can purchase it only from The latest version of this website builder is now 11.0.

There is another notable difference between two products.

Visual Composer Website Builder is not based on shortcodes, and it turns out clean codes. Deactivation of the plugin will never result in a problem, like a shortcode hell.

Do not mistakenly think that Visual Composer works as an advanced WPBakery version. It is fully a new product intended to serve the purpose of web development professionals. Furthermore, it is not simply a plugin. We have to describe it as a potential platform for webpage building needs.

User Interface of Visual Composer

At our first glance, the UI of Visual Composer looks modern with front-end editing tools. We have felt that it is almost like Elementor with sidebar-less, blue version.

However, the look does not matter much to a website owner. We have to find out what is inside this website builder.

It is much easy to add an element to your webpage. Somehow, it is also comparable to Divi page builder.

The big library of elements is clearly visible to you. You can use the search bar to find the essential element. Click on the desired element, and you will find it automatically added to your website. By doing it, you can notice another floating customization window.

Resize and move the window for your needs.

Tips : Based on how many actions take for developing a webpage, you must not make several clicks for a simple setting. It will result in a bad design.

Features That Will Impress you

  • Library of elements

We have already mentioned Elements Library with several pre-loaded content elements. In fact, we have found most of the elements to be useful for developing webpages.

While reviewing other page builders, we have noticed one element, incorporating a number of social networks. However, with Visual Composer, there are different buttons for each of the social networks. That is why the size of the library has turned out to be bulky.

Other available features, useful to you, are Text Separator and Separator. It offers one element with a range of settings.

The best fact is that Visual Composer presents you with some valuable third party elements, including Woo Commerce, Contact Form 7, and the default WP widgets.

You can find more than 200 premium add-ons to add power to your standard page builder. This list comprises CSS animations, tables, undo button, and form builders.

However, Visual Composer has missed out global elements for your web pages.


  • Page Templates and Content

I always desire an option to save different elements of our website. Surely, Visual Composer has provided us with the best solution as one of the page builders.

With Visual Composer, you do not have to save the element. Instead, you can save the setting as a preset.

So, can you save sections and rows?

Obviously, you have an opportunity of saving them as template. Then, you may hit the template button to get the saved row and insert it into the content. We have not found this feature in most of the page builders.

Now, let us inform you about page templates. It is easy to save templates of your website. You have to hit the Templates button, choose a name, and then go to the Save button.

By accessing the templates library, you can find pre-designed layouts. The library has lots of layouts for you. However, all of them are not full-page templates. You can mostly find article layouts, showcase grids, and other sections.

Templatera, one of the premium add-ons of Visual Composer, helps in adding value to the original template settings. For instance, it is useful for creating, managing, and setting access for each of the templates.

Let's Take A Quick View of Other Features

  • A live-preview editor– The content elements are ready for your use, and you can easily drag and drop the desired features to create your website. While making some modifications, you can instantly check them out.
  • Two page-editing modes– You already know about frontend editing mode of a page builder. However, another option with Visual Composer is Tree View. This mode enables you to navigate through different elements of a page. Thus, Tree View simplifies your web design process.
  • Preset WordPress templates— There are different templates, ranging from website landing pages to product pages and portfolios. You can edit those templates based on your needs.
  • Responsive design– Templates and elements of Visual Composer are responsive. Thus, they will work for any mobile and desktop platform.
  • Sidebar, footer, and header editor– Depending on your chosen theme, you can find a difference in these elements. While web developers need to adjust them, they think of managing their codes. However, with Visual Composer Website Builder, the layout is adjustable very fast. The premium package of the visual editor includes this feature.
  • An open API– Visual Composer comes with a well-documented API. You can use custom elements to create a unique website.
  • New technical stack– The website builder, Visual Composer, is based on ReactJS technology. It does not rely on WordPress shortcodes. The team, creating this tool, has conducted different internal tests. These professionals have found that webpages, designed with Visual Composer, are capable of loading pages faster.
  • Visual Composer Hub– It is the cloud platform, stores elements accessible to users. Visual Composer Hub is similar to a design system, as it remains updated. Here, you will find new templates, elements, and blocks.

Customer Assistance

Until you become a member of Visual Composer, you cannot speak to representatives. By creating an account, you will have access to the team. You may also solve your questions from Knowledge Base section.

Pricing of Visual Composer

visual composer price

The free version of Visual Composer presents you with some limited features- drag-and-drop editor, design options, background effects, background shapes, and API. With Premium subscription, Visual Composer has different choices based on your needs.

To create a business website with one license, you may purchase the subscription at $49 per year. For growing businesses, the subscription at $99 per year is the right option. By investing this amount, you will get 3 site licenses. However, professional developers need to buy subscription at $349 per year to get 1000 licenses.

Recommendation : For beginners who want to play with more feature can go with Premium 1 site license. Once you already familiar with all functions and you have more sites then can upgrade to 3 site license. Important is suit for your needs.

Final Thought

Visual Composer is not a new name in the market of page builders. It is surely a versatile editing tool to develop and design your WordPress site. However, it is facing competition with several web page builders. It is worth mentioning the name of the WordPress page builder, SiteRubix, created by Wealthy Affiliate. Based on the affordability, speed, and features, this tool is highly popular. But Visual Composer also has gained the attention of beginners with no coding skills.


Visual Composer, as a free website builder, helps in designing webpages. However, the Premium package enables you to get advantage from the cloud platform of Visual Composer Hub.

Visual Composer lets you work on your site although your subscription is expired. Still, a valid license helps you to update plugins, content elements, and templates without interruption.

Visual Composer is best for those who have minimal or no coding skill. It has an intuitive interface with several pre-designed content elements and templates.

  • Go to WordPress dashboard.
  • Choose plugin and then click on the plugin tab.
  • As you have found Visual Composer, you can hit the Install button and click on Activate.

No, you will find a free version instead of a free trial. There is also a 15-day refund policy. You may cancel your subscription after 15 days.

Surely, you will get service from the team after buying a subscription. You can solve your query by communicating with the team.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed this topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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