What Is Affiliate Marketing And How To Get Started In 2020

Isn’t it monotonous to rush to the office every day only to earn some bucks? However, the advent of digital technologies has broken the hard-and-fast rule that we must go out of our home to make money. The online world has presented a couple of ways to earn revenue, and one of them is affiliate marketing. You may choose affiliate marketing as the alternate source of income in your life. This popular tactic enables brands to drive more sales. Conversely, affiliate marketers earn a commission by promoting branded products. Thus, both affiliates and brands share mutual benefits in their business.

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Affiliate Marketing - What is it about? How does it work?

It refers to a process through which affiliates receive a commission by promoting others’ services and products. Affiliates usually look for products in which they have an interest. Every time someone makes a purchase by clicking on their affiliate link, they earn a percentage as commission. Thus, you will find performance-based earnings in the world of affiliate marketing.

The concept of affiliate marketing is about spreading product marketing responsibilities across different parties. This program helps in leveraging the potential of a range of individuals to make marketing more effective. On the other hand, contributors get a part of the profit.

Now, note that three parties remain engaged in this process.

  • First, Product Manufacturers and Sellers
  • Second, Advertisers or Affiliate Marketers
  • Third, Buyers

We are going to clarify this complicated relationship among the three parties.

  • Product Makers / Service Providers and Sellers

The seller of a product does not engage in direct marketing activities. Some sellers may be eCommerce merchants, and they look for ways of promoting their products. They are ready to pay affiliate sites for a successful promotion.

  • Affiliate Marketers

Affiliates may be a company or an individual, who knows amazing tricks to convince potential buyers to purchase the seller’s product.

So, how do affiliates gain benefits from it? While consumers place the order and buy the product, these affiliates get a share of the profit.

  • Consumers

Consumers may not be aware of their roles in affiliate marketing. However, they are the major drivers of this marketing program. Affiliates draw their interest by sharing product information on blogs, websites, and social media.

While consumers purchase the product, affiliates and sellers share profits. Some affiliates also disclose the fact that their deals will generate a commission.

Interestingly, consumers do not need to pay an additional amount when they are making the purchase by clicking on the affiliate link. The retail price of the product includes the share of an affiliate marketer.

Success Formula For Affiliate Marketing

  • Pick The Right Affiliate Network


For example, you may have known about ClickBank, one of the most established and most well-known associate systems. A billion-dollar organization, ClickBank spends significant time in advanced items like digital books and programming, just as participation destinations. On the off chance that you haven’t thought about selling computerized data items, at that point you ought to truly consider doing so thinking about all the advantages. Advanced data items offer a lot higher commissions (somewhere in the range of 40% to 75%+) than physical items which normally just offer commissions under 5%. Likewise, advanced data items and can be simpler to sell much of the time since individuals can get moment get to and quick satisfaction when buying a computerized data item.


Another system you can consider with regards to advancing items as a partner is Amazon.com. As you may definitely think, pretty much any physical item can be sold on Amazon.com. In spite of the fact that items on Amazon, for the most part, offer lower commissions than their advanced item partners, selling items on Amazon as a member can be a lot higher volume business and a great many people trust Amazon as a shipper, making it simpler to sell items as an associate.


  • Choosing Products To Be Promoted With Affiliate Links

To decide on what you should promote, you have to ask a few questions.

    • Am I familiar with the product?
    • Will the readers get value from using the product?
    • How much will I get as commission?
    • Would I buy this product myself or recommend to friends or family? (Most Important)

Make a list of those products, which will benefit your blog readers. They may be some complementary products. For instance, when it is a travel blog, you can promote backpacks, luggage, clothing, and similar other products.

NOTED : Think about BUYING the product yourself before PROMOTING it.


  • Find A Way For Promoting The Product And Service

Now, this is the most important part to discuss with you. We can present you with a number of options to make the promotion successful.

        • Write blog post or detailed product review for affiliate marketing

You know that affiliate marketing is a passive source of revenue. However, without consistent efforts, you may not derive the best value. Your product review quality is the key factor to drive you through the path of success.

A good product review always reveals the personal experience of the product user. Thus, you may also share your opinion through social media posts, videos, and blogs. Try to be more candid to make your review trustworthy. It is essential to apply your knowledge about the chosen product.

Make sure that your readers will feel comfortable and trust you while reading your tips.

To get the desired from affiliate marketing efforts, trust is one of the major factors. However, your chosen products and industry will also determine how much trust you can gain from your audience. Do not add too much diversity in the niche of your products. You can stick to the area, in which you have knowledge and interest.

Some marketers make a mistake by hiding the negative features of a product. However, while drawbacks of the product have bothered you, it is better to write about them frankly. Most of the consumers know that a product can never be perfect in every way. Let those consumers set the right anticipations with the product.

Ensure that you have incorporated the following things into your product review blogs.

            • Clear and attractive headline with relevant keyword.
            • Links at the bottom and top of the pages – Customers have to click on those affiliate links to purchase the product.
            • Personal story – How you have used that product and found benefits from it.
        • Create tutorials on products

Blogs on tutorials can be a very effective way to drive affiliate sales. However, you may need much time and effort to set up those tutorials. Still, you will ultimately get the value in due course. But, what are those tutorials actually?

In simple words, you have to write something to show how to use the product or how to get benefit from a service. You may also pick an issue of people and tell them how your chosen products will solve the problem. In most cases, we have found that this technique is applicable to technical products, like software.

        • Comparison posts to make affiliate sales

It’s good news when you find your website getting high amount of traffic. However, in truth, most of those visitors are not in a buying mood. Thus, you need to provide them with details to trigger their buying process.

Comparison reviews can be the unbeatable option for persuading your website visitors for buying the product. While making a side-by-side comparison, you must include a comparison chart at the top or bottom of your page.

Now, we have guided you on how to make these comparison posts more effective and attention-grabbing.

            • Find products to make comparative analysis

You may target the problem of readers or focus on what they love. It is the best way to start a comparison review.

            • Research on your chosen products

You need thorough research to compare products. Features, Pros, Cons, Warranty, and your views – these are common elements for every review. Without research, you cannot make the comparison accurate. You may also go through comments posted by verified buyers.

            • Write a catchy, Attractive Title

Titles of your blog posts play an important role in your promotional activities. Readers’ eyes first notice the title, and when this title is boring, potential buyers will never go through the content of your blog posts. Consequently, they will not click on your affiliate links. However, the title must not mislead the reader.

            • Compose the main content of your comparison blog

The presentation of data, your language, and writing style- these things will make the real difference. Focus on the intro part to inform readers what you will present them in your blog post. While writing the unique features of a product, you can choose the italicized format to attract one’s attention. Always include bullet points to make the information easily interpretable to your readers.

            • Add Call-To-Actions

The CTA has to be powerful and slight promotional. While you have composed the best comparison post, you will easily gain the trust of readers. Thus, you can encourage them to purchase a product and service.

You may place this CTA at the beginning, end, and middle of the comparison post. The word limit for these posts can range between 400 and 500.

        • Use Social Media Marketing to Get More Traffic

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and other online networking advertising practices are unexpected vehicles for “verbal” indorsing. The video showcasing, precisely, is an extraordinary technique to display your mastery by means of discourse, monitor captures, and live presentations if fundamental. Recordings on Facebook and Facebook Live are amazingly powerful at this moment just as using YouTube for an all the more longer-term mode to deal with video advertising.

While from the start you might be centered around utilizing internet based life as a free method to get traffic, remember that there are ground-breaking approaches to utilize paid publicizing via web-based networking media to contact your focused on the crowd and drive that traffic back to your webpage or your partner offers.

Best Affiliate Programs That You Can Join

Lots of brands and eCommerce platforms host affiliate marketing programs to increase their revenue through promotional activities of affiliates.  The most commonly chosen ones are Amazon Associates, Walmart Affiliate Program, JVZoo, Click2Sell, Shopify Affiliate Program,  eBay Partner Network and many many more. You may prefer any of them to monetize your website.

 However, one of the profitable options for you is the affiliate program of Wealthy Affiliate. WA is the creation of successful affiliate marketers for the emerging affiliates. With free Starter Membership, you can earn $4 for special offer referrals. Thereafter, your monthly commission can be $11.75, while the yearly amount can reach $117.50. What’s more, Wealthy Affiliate provides you with tools, training, and a big community. The WA community will let you interact with other affiliate marketers.

We have some more reasons for choosing the WA affiliate program.

  • Highly authentic- Wealthy Affiliate has already gained a high status in the recent years. As it has millions of users, it is easy to convince others to become a member of this platform.
  • Lots of tools- Most of the affiliate programs do not provide essential tools to their affiliates. However, WA has gone beyond offering banners to help you in promoting the platform. For instance, when you are advertising WA with Facebook ads, you may customize the home page for Facebook traffic.

Ready To Get Started?

Now, have you understood something from this in-depth guide on how to start affiliate marketing? I have written this post for beginners to let them commence their journey to the digital world to earn online. You may have also thought of investing in an affiliate marketing course. However, i have already mentioned that Wealthy Affiliate offers free training to their members. To learn more, you can join its premium membership program. WA equips you with everything that you need to become an affiliate marketer.

TIPS : Can check out here how to start your affiliate business with easy simple steps


The overall amount that you may earn varies considerably. To be honest, it can range from zero to millions. Your earnings are related directly to

  • The type of products or services you have chosen
  • The level of traffic on your website
  • Your affiliate marketing skills

From this guide, you can increase the profit potential from affiliate marketing.

No, you do not need any certification to become a success affiliate marketer. However, i think that it is essential to learn something to ensure success as an affiliate. You may find different webinars, podcasts, and blogs as affiliate marketing tutorial. But, the best option is to get guidance from Wealthy Affiliate.

Brands and product sellers can set the commission rates offered to affiliates. They decide on the percentage depending on the overall sale. There may be variation in these commission rates based on your chosen promotional channel and websites. While signing up for an affiliate program, you can better review these commission rates. In some cases, there is an option for negotiating these rates with the brand.

Retail, education, travel, gaming, finance, transportation, automotive, healthcare, beauty care, entertainment, and restaurant- these are very common industries offering affiliate programs.

Exampe : ClickBank, JvZoo, MarketHealth, Amazon, Elementor, BlueHost, Jaaxy, SiteRubix and many more…

It depends on how much effort you have applied for promoting products and services. The SEO-friendliness and SERP ranking of your website may also affect your success rate. However, within two to three months, you can earn at least some amount of money. To increase your earnings, you may need to wait for a year. 

Maybe you will find interest on how to make money from Wealthy Affiliate here

Affiliate Disclaimer

I hope you enjoyed this topic today. Please note that some of the links inside this content may be affiliate links. That means if you sign up or purchase any product from the links, i will get a little affiliate commission. I will very appreciate it if you sign up from those links! The little commission may keep this site running smoothly and motivate me to keep producing these high quality content.

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